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Filson Industrial Sand Filter

  • Reusable and durable with long-lasting service life
  • Laudable removal ability of suspended particles in water
  • Less installation space need with excellent filtration efficiency
  • Self-source regular backwashing without manual maintenance
  • Adjustable sand dimensions for various filtration accuracy need

Filson industrial sand filters, also named pressure sand filters, offer an effective solution for removing suspended solids, small particles and floating contaminants to protect other equipment. It widely benefits a variety of industries including municipal, wastewater treatment, food&beverage, irrigation, etc.

  • Housing material: stainless steel, carbon steel, fiberglass reinforced plastic(FRP)
  • Diameter: 18-96 inch
  • Sand filter capacity: up to 800 GPM
  • Removal particle size: 50-100 μm(even down to 5μm)
  • Filled sand size: 0.35-1.20 mm
  • Standard pressure drop: 3-7 PSI
  • Backwash cycle: per day/week

Note: any customized requirement is allowed, please consult Filson.

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Filson Industrial Sand Filter

Your Trusted Industrial Sand Filter Manufacturer in China

Filson commonly manufactures industrial sand filters with stainless steel or carbon steel housing, or using FRP and other materials for your special chemical application. Besides, you can choose the filled sand in single size, or a multiple media filtration bed also available formed by different media type in different sand sizes.

Standard Filson industrial sand filters are designed to remove unwanted particles with 50-100 microns size or even down to 5 microns for unique customization. Plus, maximum sand filter capacity can up to 800 GPM with diameter in 96 inch, to highly suit your large flow capacity need.

You may easily operate and maintain it since its automatic backwash feature. Controlled by a pressure sensor, timer or manual initiation, Filson industrial sand filter will initiate the backwash cycle at pressure drop of 3-7 psi.

As one of the most professional industrial sand filter manufacturers in China, we can provide any assistance in your sand filter for water tank. Please tell us your specific application, particular sand filter design or the suspended solids concentration of your treating water, we can help you choose or design the most appropriate industrial sand filter.

If you are interested in our advanced industrial sand filter design or if any Filson pressure sand filter PDF need, call at 86-157 3695 8886 or email to sales.filsonfilters.com.

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