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Filson Inline Industrial Water Filters

  • Strong and reliable construction with high operating pressure
  • Compact and flexible design for limited installation space
  • Optional specification combinations for various applications
  • Adjustable micron ratings with excellent impurity removal ability
  • Easy to maintain and operate with simple cleaning methods

Standard inline industrial water filter from Filson can handle 300m3/h large flow capacity, commonly for stainless steel type, while plastic type is more suitable for low flow rate application. Of course, bespoke service is always our specialty, please send us your unique size demand.

  • Housing material: SS 304/316L, plastic
  • Length: 5-30 inch
  • Flow capacity: up to 300m3/h
  • Operating pressure: Max. 25 bar
  • Operating temperature: Max. 80℃
  • Micron rating: 10-2000 μm
  • Connection: thread, flange, quick connect fitting

Note: independent design available

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Filson Inline Industrial Water Filters

Your laudable Inline Industrial Water Filters Manufacturer in China

Filson is experienced to design and manufacture inline industrial water filters in various sizes, for perfectly fitting your existing filtration system. Filson inline industrial water filter is a combination of food grade SS 304/316L or plastic housing and polypropylene/pleated filter cartridge, bag, basket.

No matter for residential, commercial or industrial application, Filson inline industrial water filter can effectively help you filter your water with your required purity. It features user-friendly installation and cartridge replacement, can be designed to thread, flange or quick connect fitting.

Do not hesitate to contact us at 86-157 3695 8886 or sales.filsonfilter.com.

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