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Filson Intex Pool Filter Replacement

  • Multiple sizes to perfectly match your needs
  • Maintains good filtration effect after cleaning
  • Great performance in high flow water filtration
  • Sufficient stock and productivity for quick deliver
  • Adaptation to various models of Intex filter pumps

With the highest filtration accuracy of 5 micron, Filson Intex pool filter replacement shows superb ability in filtering the leaves, hairs, and impurity particles to keep the water clean. And it also brings you an easy-to-use experience by the simple structure and standard dimension.

  • Type: Intex filter replacement
  • Applications: swimming pool, hot tub, Spa tub…
  • Color: blue, gray, white…
  • Construction materials: polyethylene terephthalate(PET), polyurethane(PU), polypropylene(PP)
  • Dimensions:

Here are the Intex type A filter dimensions, Intex S1 filter dimensions, etc.

Filson Intex pool filter replacement
 ModelType AType S1Type H Type B Type D
Inner Diameter (cm)4434.55.2

Note: replacement sizes haven’t mentioned above are also available

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Filson Intex Pool Filter Replacement

Your Experienced Intex Pool Filter Replacement Supplier in China

Filson Intex pool filter replacements are extensively used in swimming pool, Spa tub, etc. and also can be used as Intex hot tub filters cartridge directly. Each Filson Intex pool filter replacement is a one-piece molded that eliminates water bypassing.

Filson Intex pool filter replacements are commonly divided into various models depending on sizes, including Intex filter cartridge A or C, Intex type B filter, Intex type D filter, Intex filters type H and Intex filter cartridge S1.

Therefore, Filson Intex filter cartridge replacements are available for a wide range of filter pumps with different capacity requirements. For instance, you can choose Intex type A filter replacement for filter pumps 330, 530, 800, 1000 and 1500 gallons.

Moreover, here are some examples for several extensively used filter cartridges. You can use Intex S1 filter cartridge in Intex 11692 filter pump, apply Intex type B reusable filter for Intex filter pump item number 29005E, use Intex pool filter H for 28601/28602. And if you’re seeking for Intex filter cartridge 29000, type A replacement might be your preferred solution.

Filson is your optimal Intex filter cartridge replacement choice with over 18 years experience of pool filter cartridge design&manufacture. Please email us or a phone call with your quantity and required model like ‘Intex filter cartridge type B’ to get a quick quote!


What is the difference between Intex spa filters S1 and Intex filter cartridge 11692?

Intex spa filters S1 refers to a particular filter cartridge size: 10.8cm×7.3cm×4cm, while Intex SPA filters 11692, also called Intex filter cartridge 11692, refers to the cartridges that can be applied to Intex filter pump item number 11692.

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