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Filson Jacuzzi Replacement Filters

  • Resist to acids, alkalies, and high temp water
  • Strong tensile strength for fewer pore damages
  • Cleanable and reusable for extended service life
  • Standardized dimensions to better fit your filter
  • Multiple sizes of Jacuzzi replacements for selection

Filson Jacuzzi replacement filters commonly can be used for about two months, depending on your usage and maintenance, actually. When you need to replace it, we recommend that you’d better select a slightly larger size if you are unsure of its exact size, to prevent inadequate water filtration.

  • Example model: Jacuzzi filter 14081
  • Diameter: 6.75″/17.1cm
  • Length: 15.5″/39.3cm
  • Lifespan: 3-5 years
  • Construction materials: polyethylene terephthalate(PET),polyurethane(PU), polypropylene(PP)

N ote: other models not mentioned are also available upon your request

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Filson Jacuzzi Replacement Filters

Your Dependable Provider of Jacuzzi Replacement Filters

Filson Jacuzzi replacement filters are sized exactly based on standard Jacuzzi hot tub or bathtub filter models. For example, Jacuzzi filter 14081 replacement made by Filson is 6.75” in diameter and 15.5” in length, totally fitting the original type.

Filson has supplied a complete line of Jacuzzi replacement filters to over 40 countries, including  Jacuzzi J300 series spa filter cartridge, Jacuzzi J355 filter cartridge, and Jacuzzi J365 filter cartridge.  If you need any help with Jacuzzi replacement filters, please choose FILSON!

Contact Filson NOW no matter you require Jacuzzi filter replacements with standard size or specified dimension!

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