Mahle Replacement Filter Elements

Why Choose Filter Mahle Replacement Filter Elements

We offer replacement Mahle filter elements with the original quality and competitive price. All alternative Mahle hydraulic filter elements manufactured by Filson gets through strict quality controls and following ISO test standards:

  • Element collapse resistance as per ISO 2941
  • Pressure drop versus flow characteristic as per ISO 3968
  • Fatigue pressure testing as per ISO 3724
  • Fluid compatibility as per ISO 2943
  • Multi-pass filter ratings as per ISO 16889
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  • Mahle Hydraulic Filter Replacement
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Your Premier Mahle Filter Element Replacement Manufacturer

From 2001, Filson continues researching and improving filter materials and production technologies in replacement Mahle filter elements manufacturing. We always offer new and old customers economically and functionally optimized replacement Mahle filter elements of the best quality.

Filson replacement Mahle filter products mainly include Mahle hydraulic filters, Mahle air filters, and Mahle oil filters. The multilayered design of Mahle filter elements allows large dirt-holding capacity and a broad range of applications, such as petroleum, chemical, machine tool manufacturing, pharmaceutical, automobile, and air-conditioning.

Filson replacement Mahle filter elements fits well in Mahle standard filter housings, no matter for dimension and function. These elements remain constant separation performance to prevent unscheduled downtime and prolong the life of your system.

Mahle Air Filter Replacement
Filson makes many different types of replacement Mahle air filter elements, from pleated, cabin air filter to gas coalescing, in a variety of sizes and micron ratings...
Mahle hydraulic filter element
Mahle hydraulic filter elements with fiberglass material is the first choice in a hydraulic or lubrication filtration system...
Mahle Oil Filter Replacement
Filson replacement MAHLE oil filters reliably prevent particles from entering the lubrication system and keep oil quality...

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why choose Filson replacement Mahle filter elements?
  • We are a factory and more than 18 years of elements production experience. Replacement filter elements are sold in 30+ countries.
  • Complete Mahle filter elements database and thorough production flow.
  • Fast delivery, free sample, OEM&ODM, 24 hours online service
  • Strict quality control and integrated quality inspection before delivery.
  • After-sale. If there are any quality problems from us, we will reproduce for free.
How long is the life span of your Mahle filter element replacement?

Usually, 1000-2000h

How to select proper filter elements?

The keys to selecting the correct filter, including:

  • Type of fluid
  • Working temperature
  • Working Pressure
  • Flow rate
  • Filtration accuracy
  • Clean pressure differential
What is your minimum order quantity?

We don’t have MOQ limited, usually with 1 PC.

What is your packaging and shipment?

Package: Carton or wooden case as your request.


  1. FedEx/DHL/UPS/TNT for samples or small order, directly to your company.
  2. By Sea from Qingdao or Shanghai port
  3. By air from Zhengzhou airport, 3-5 days arrival
What's your sample policy?

We can delivery FREE sample within 7 days, but the customers have to pay the courier cost.

What's the terms of payment?

T/T 30-50% as deposit, and balance before delivery

Can I use my own logo on filter elements?

Yes, customize the brand logo on the products are available.

What is your delivery time?

Usually 7-10 working days after payment.

How can I receive a quick quotation?

Please tell us anyone of below information:

  1. Detailed model numbers
  2. Filter Photos
  3. ID, OD, Height, Filtration accuracy

Filson Replacement Hydac Filter Element

As we all know, the filtration efficiency defines particle contamination capture ability of the Mahle filter elements. The higher filtration efficiency, the better the component of your system is protected from wear. Filson are therefore adopting uniform shape and density of filter media in order to achieve filtration effect≥ 99 % and keep this level for your long period using.


Mahle hydraulic filter elements with fiberglass material is the first choice in a hydraulic or lubrication filtration system. Since fiberglass is able to capture 400 percent more particulate than Cellulose filter elements to help you avoid expensive maintenance costs.

Filson makes many different types of replacement Mahle air filter elements, from the pleated, cabin air filter to gas coalescing, in a variety of sizes and micron ratings.

With our Mahle replacement air filters, up to 99.9 percent of dust, soot and particles are filtered out, even under extreme conditions such as heat, cold or chemical contaminants.

Our quality replacement Mahle air filters help you effectively prevent premature wear of valves, cylinder, rings, bearings and other engine components.

To ensure optimum filter performance, all filters should be replaced in time.

Filson replacement MAHLE oil filters reliably prevent particles from entering the lubrication system and keep oil quality as well as provides maximum protection for engine or machine performance. Filson oil filter elements are a direct replacement form, fit, and function including fluid and temperature compatibility to your current automobile filters.

Common replacement Mahle Filter Element models are listed as below:

PI3111SM10, PI3111SMX10, PI3115SM10, PI3115SMX10, PI3130SM10, PI3130SMX10,

PI3145SM10, PI3145SMX10, PI3205SMVST10, PI3205SMXVST10, PI3208SMVST10,

PI3208SMXVST10, PI3211SMVST10, PI3211SMXVST10, PI3215SMVST10, PI3215SMXVST10,

PI3230SMVST10, PI3230SMXVST10, PI3245SMVST10, PI3245SMXVST10, PI33016DNV2A,

PI35004DN, PI35004RN, PI35006DN, PI35006RN, PI35010DN, PI35010RN, PI35016DN,

PI35016RN, PI35025DN, PI35025RN, PI35040DN, PI35040RN, PI35063DN, PI35100DN,

PI35100RN, PI36004DN, PI36004RN, PI36006DN, PI36006RN, PI36010DN, PI36010RN,

PI36016DN, PI36016RN, PI36025DN, PI36025RN, PI36040DN, PI36040RN, PI36063DN,

PI36063RN, PI36100DN, PI36100RN, PI37004DN, PI37004RN, PI37006DN, PI37006RN,

PI72025DN, PI73025DN, PI71040DN, PI72040DN, PI73040DN, PI74040DN, PI75040DN,

PI71063DN, PI72063DN, PI73063DN, PI74063DN, PI75063DN, PI71100DN, PI72100DN,

PI73100DN, PI74100DN,  PI75100DN, PI13004RN, PI15004RN, PI13006RN, PI15006RN,

PI13010RN, PI15010RN, PI13016RN, PI15016RN,  PI13025RN, PI15025RN, PI13040RN,

PI21004RN, PI22004RN, PI23004RN, PI24004RN, PI25004RN, PI21006RN, PI22006RN,

PI23006RN, PI24006RN, PI25006RN, PI21025RN, PI22025RN, PI23025RN, PI24025RN,

PI25025RN, PI21040RN, PI22040RN, PI23040RN, PI24040RN, PI25040RN, PI21063RN,

PI22063RN, PI23063RN, PI24063RN, PI25063RN, PI21100RN, PI22100RN, PI23100RN,

PI24100RN, PI25100RN, PI71004RN, PI72004RN, PI73004RN, PI74004RN, PI75004RN,

PI71006RN, PI72006RN, PI73006RN, PI74006RN, PI75006RN, PI71010RN, PI72010RN,

PI73010RN, PI74010RN, PI75010RN, PI71016RN, PI72016RN, PI73016RN, PI74016RN,

PI75016RN, PI71025RN, PI38006RN, PI33010RN, PI35010RN, PI36010RN, PI37010RN,

PI38010RN, PI33016RN, PI35016RN, PI36016RN, PI37016RN, PI38016RN, PI33025RN,

PI35025RN, PI36025RN, PI37025RN, PI38025RN, PI33040RN, PI35040RN, PI36040RN,

PI37040RN, PI38040RN, PI33063RN, PI35063RN, PI36063RN, PI37063RN, PI38063RN,

PI33100RN, PI35100RN, PI15040RN, PI13063RN, PI15063RN, PI13100RN, PI15100RN,

PI33004RN, PI38004RN, PI33006RN, PI83010RN, PI85010RN, PI86010RN, PI87010RN,

PI88010RN, PI83016RN, PI85016RN, PI86016RN, PI87016RN, PI88016RN, PI83025RN,

PI85025RN, PI86025RN, PI87025RN, PI88025RN, PI83040RN, PI85040RN, PI86040RN,

PI87040RN, PI88040RN, PI83063RN, PI85063RN, PI86063RN PI87063RN, PI88063RN,

PI83100RN, PI85100RN, PI86100RN, PI87100RN, PI37100RN, PI38100RN, PI38100DN,

PI38100RF, PI83004RN, PI85004RN, PI86004RN, PI87004RN, PI88004RN, PI83006RN,

PI85006RN, PI86006RN, PI87006RN, PI88006RN, PI23010RN, PI24010RN, PI25010RN,

PI21016RN, PI22016RN, PI23016RN, PI24016RN , PI25016RN, PI88100RN, PI21010RN,

PI22010RN, PI2105, PI5105, PI3105, PI4105, PI2205, PI5205, PI3205, PI4205, PI2108,

PI3108, PI4108, PI2208, PI5208, PI3208, PI4208, PI2111, PI5111, PI3111, PI4111, PI2211,

PI3211, PI4211, PI2115, PI5115, PI3115, PI4115, PI2215, PI3145, PI4145, PI2245, PI5245,

PI4245, PI8105, PI8205, PI8305, PI8405, PI8505, PI9105, PI9205, PI9305, PI9405, PI9505,

PI8105, PI8208, PI8308, PI8408, PI8508, PI9108, PI9208, PI9308, PI9408, PI9508, PI8111,

PI8211, PI8311, PI5215, PI3215, PI4215, PI2130, PI5130, PI3130, PI4130, PI2230, PI5230,

PI3230, PI4230, PI2145, PI5145, PI9215, PI9315, PI9415, PI9515, PI8130, PI8230, PI8330,

PI8430, PI8530, PI9130, PI9230, PI9330, PI9430, PI9530, PI8145, PI8245, PI8345, PI8445,

PI8545, PI9145, PI8411, PI8511, PI9111, PI9211, PI9311, PI9411, PI9511, PI8115, PI8215,

PI8315, PI8415, PI9245, PI9345, PI9445, PI9545, PI1105, PI1005, PI1108, PI1008, PI1111,

PI1011, PI1130, PI1030, PI1145, PI1045, PI8515, PI9115, PI38040RF, PI38063RF, PI38100RF,

PI71006DN, PI71010DN, PI71025DN, PI71040DN, PI71063DN, PI71100DN, PI72004DN,

PI72006DN, PI72010DN, PI72025DN, PI72040DN, PI72063DN, PI72100DN, PI73004DN,

852444SM3, 852444SM10, 852444SM25, 852444SMX3, 852444SMX10, 852444SMX25,

852493DRG25, 852493DRG40, 852493DRG60, 852493DRG100, 852493MIC10,

852493MIC25, 852493SM3, 852493SM6, 852493SM10,, PI4105SM25, PI4105SMX25,

PI4108SM25, PI4108SMX25, PI4111SM25, PI4111SMX25, 852435MIC10, 852435MIC25,

852435SM3, 852435SM6, 852435SM10, 852435SM25, 852435SMX3, 852435SMX6,

852435SMX10, 852435SMX25, 852436DRG25, 852436DRG40, 852436DRG60,

852436DRG100, 852436MIC10, PI4215-15NBR, PI4215SMVST25, PI4215SMXVST25,

PI4230SMVST25, PI4230SMXVST25, PI4245SMVST25, PI4245SMXVST25, PI4301-15,

PI5004DNDN, PI5105SM6, PI5105SMX6, PI5108SM6, 852436SMX10, 852436SMX25,

852439DRG25, 852439DRG40, 852439DRG60, 852439DRG100, 852439MIC10,

852439MIC25, 852439SM3, 852439SM6, 852439SM10, 852439SM25, 852439SMX3,

852439SMX6, 852439SMX10, PI8130DRG10, PI8145DRG10, PI8205DRG25, PI8208DRG25,

PI8211DRG25, , PI8215DRG25, PI8230DRG25, PI8245DRG25, PI8305DRG40, PI8308DRG40,

PI8311DRG40, 852690SMX25, 852753DRG60, 852753DRG100, 852753MIC10, 852753MIC25,

852753SM10, 852753SM25, 852753SMX10, 852753SMX25, 852754DRG60, 852754DRG100,

852754MIC10, 852754MIC25, 852754SM10, 852754SM25, PI5211, PI5108, PI3245,

PS: Filson Filter is an independent industrial filter manufacturer. Mahle name and part number are used for cross reference only. All tradenames, service marks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Filson Filters does not claim to provide Mahle filter elements or other manufacturer’s filter and/or strainer elements.

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