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  • Mesh Pad Mist Eliminator

Filson Mesh Pad Mist Eliminator

  • Available in various materials, shapes, sizes for different applications
  • Superior corrosion resistance to suit a series of acid&alkali conditions
  • Maximal liquid entrainment removal performance with high efficiency
  • Easy to assemble and take down through the manways of vessel
  • Simplified construction without losing high mechanical strength
  • Flexible support grids designs for your specific installation need

Filson mesh pad mist eliminator, also named wire mesh mist eliminator, is widely used to separate liquid entrainment from the gas stream in a variety of applications. We provide a series of metallic types and plastic-type for diverse corrosion and temperature compatibility.

  • Raw Material: stainless steel, Monel, Hastelloy, Titanium, PP, PE, PVC, Teflon, FRP(fiberglass reinforced plastic), and other required materials
  • Pad Diameter(mm): 300-6000
  • Wire Diameter(mm): 0.1-0.5
  • Pad Thickness(mm): 100-300
  • Entrainment Size(μm): 3-10
  • Removal Efficiency: up to 99%
  • Shape: round, ring, rectangular, or upon your request
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Filson Mesh Pad Mist Eliminator

Minimal Need for Maintenance and Lower Costs

Filson mesh pad mist eliminator usually can remove 3-10 μm liquid droplets from gas with 99% separation efficiency, to protect downstream devices or change exhaust air of industrial process to an environmentally acceptable level.

You can send your operating pressure, liquid viscosity, surface tension, entrainment size… to sales@filsonfilters.com, then our specialist engineer will design the most appropriate wire mesh mist eliminator for you. Or any other problem of liquid-gas separation, please feel free to consult Filson.




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