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Metal Powder Filter

  • Highly irregular morphology especially for precise filtration
  • Stable pore sizes with uniform pore distribution
  • Excellent heat&corrosion resistance for harsh conditions
  • Easy to clean with low maintenance and long lifespan
  • High filtration accuracy for prominent filtration performance

Filson metal powder filter is totally made of metal powder by isostatic cool pressing and vacuum sintering, achieving stable pore size and uniform distribution. Standard Filson metal powder filter can be manufactured in diameter from 25mm with accuracy of 0.2-100μm, and if you need customized sizes, please consult our professional engineer directly.

  • Raw material: stainless steel, bronze, titanium…
  • Filtration accuracy: 0.2-100μm
  • Length: up to 1600 mm
  • Diameter: from 25 mm
  • Shape: disc, cartridge, tube, candle
  • Connection: NPT, flange, o-ring

Note: each specification is allowed to customization upon your request

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Filson Metal Powder Filter

Your Reliable Metal Powder Filter Manufacturer in China

Filson offers a wide range of efficient metal powder filters for optimal filtration in a variety of applications from petrochemical, pharmaceutical to automotive industries. Filson metal powder filter is designed with high porosity to suit precise liquid or gas filtration.

After a period of use, particles will embed in the filter, reducing the filtration efficiency. We recommend you to use cleaning methods including dipping in chemical solution, ultrasonic cleaning, or back-washing is also supported.

In addition, Filson has other kinds of sintered metal filters. Unlike sintered powder, sintered metal fiber felt has larger surface area and higher dirt holding capacity; the sintered wire mesh has uniform pore structure to resist blockage. All of them have their own advantages and can meet the filtration needs of different fields.

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