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Filson Mist Eliminator HVAC

  • High separation efficiency with low-pressure drop
  • Available in various material combinations and configurations
  • Energy-saving operation and high face velocity support
  • Robust and durable with extended service life
  • Easy to install with optional flange and frame designs

Standard Filson mist eliminator HVAC is available for use at a face velocity of 2-5 m/s, with low-pressure drop even at high face velocity. We allow tailor-made mist eliminator HVAC in accordance with your individual specifications, please feel free to discuss with our engineers any design or calculation questions.

  • Raw Material: stainless steel, galvanized, aluminum, or upon your request
  • Shape: flat panel
  • Rated Air Velocity (fpm): 150-650
  • Standard Size (inch): 10×20×1, 16×20×1, 20×20×1, 15×20×1, 16×25×1, 20×25×1, 10×20×2, 12×24×2, 16×20×2, 16×25×2, 20×20×2, 20×25×2, 24×24×2
  • Operating Temperature (℉): up to 900
  • Efficiency: 99%
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Filson Mist Eliminator HVAC

Your Expert Mist Eliminator HVAC Manufacturer in China

Filson mist eliminator HVAC is an efficient moisture elimination device for HVAC systems retrofits and is commonly used where there is high moisture content, such as after cooling coils or in air intakes. It can effectively prevent the condensed droplets to be carried over into a ventilation system thereby reducing corrosion generation and system maintenance.

With a minimal footprint and low-pressure drop features, Filson mist eliminator HVAC provides high liquid-gas separation ability in a wide range of operating conditions. It can be designed in optional material choices and drainage systems, as well as flanges or protection mesh, can also be added if you require.

In addition, Filson mist eliminator HVAC can work very well with a long clean interval, just simple water jetting or cleaning solution soaking when the scale was formed. And its simplified shape facilities installation and disassembly with shortened downtime.

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