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Filson Monel Filter Disc

  • Good air permeability for uniform filtration performance
  • Excellent strength to withstand high pressure
  • Available to be used under high corrosion and temperature conditions
  • High flow rates with very low pressure drop
  • Large dirt holding capacity for long time use

Filson produces wire mesh filter discs made by Monel wire mesh. In order to meet different customers’ filtration requirements, the Monel filter disc is able to be cut into various shapes including round, square, oval, rectangle and other special shapes.

  • Raw material: Monel 400, Monel K-500, Monel 401, Monel 404, Monel R405
  • Working temperature: up to 600°C
  • Micron rating: 2 – 300µm
  • Disc diameter: 6 – 3000mm
  • Shape: round, square, oval, rectangle
  • Layer: 5 – 7 layers

Note: the filter disc is more available to be made into custom type, consult Filson today.

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Filson Monel Filter Disc

Your Best Monel Filter Disc Manufacturer in China

Filson Monel filter disc is made of high grade Monel materials, usually wire meshes. After a strictly controlled sintering process, a new and versatile Monel filter disc is produced. It can be designed into single layer or multi-layer to be used in different applications.

A standard Filson Monel filter disc is made of 5 layers including protecting layer, filtration layer,  skeleton layer and skeleton supporting layer. With the robust and compact structure, the filter disc is mainly used in the filtration of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and sea water applications.

The obvious advantage of Filson Monel filter disc comparing to other metal filter discs is that Monel performs better under highly corrosive environments, even better than stainless steel. On this account, Monel filter discs are extremely welcomed in marine industry and shipbuilding industry.

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