MP Filtri Filter Element Replacement

Your Best MP Filtri Filter Element Replacement Manufacturer

Filson offers a wide selection of quality MP Filtrireplacement elements to protect the hydraulic circuit from contamination as per ISO 4406.

  • Reliable, consistent performance and resistance to tough operating environment.
  • Longer element life for lower maintenance costs
  • lightweight, low differential pressure, high strength
  • Provide maximum protection by maintaining contaminants at low levels
  • Simple to install and inexpensive to purchase
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Your Premier MP Filtri Filter Element Replacement Manufacturer

Filson replacement MP Filtri filter elements also name MP Filtri elements, MP Filtri hydraulic filter elements or MP hydraulic filter elements.

It is made from glass fiber and stainless steel wire mesh or paper to remove particles and water in hydraulic and lubrication fluids.

MP Filtri replacement elements are designed to withstand system pressure up to 560 bar with micron rating from 3-200. These MP Filtri elements are ideal for protecting contaminant-sensitive components such as pumps and proportional valves. And usually, the maintenance costs of these parts are many times than elements cost. Send your inquiry now.

MP Filtri Hydraulic Filter Element Replacement
For interchange MP Hydraulic filter elements, Filson offers wire mesh filtration, paper filtration and microfiber filtration ways to control your oil cleanliness level. Based on installed place in hydraulic system, working pressure, working temperature, pressure drop…, we will recommend totally different filtration efficiency and hydraulic filter element types for you.
MP Filtri Pressure Filter Element Replacement
MP Filtri pressure filter is installed between the pump and sensitive circuit components, like servo valves with filtration accuracy 3-25 micron. Filson replacement MP Filtri Pressure Filter Element have robust support structure for high working pressure request. HP0 Filson has HP011, HP039,HP050, HP065, HP135, HP150, HP320, HP500 series MP Filtri Pressure Filter Elements in stock, All these elements have the same function and dimensions with your original MP Filtri Pressure Filter Element.
MP Filtri Return Filter Element Replacement
MP replacement suction element is installed at the return line to the tank, preventing particles entering system from outside. For a new and clean Filson replacement return filter elements, our max. pressure drop is 0.4-0.6bar. Filson has full model numbers of MP Filtri return replacement element, including MF020, MF030, MFX030, MF110, MFX110, MF180, MFX180, MF190, MFX190, MF400, MFX400, MF750, MFX750, MLX250, MLX660, CU025, CU040, CU100, CU250, CU630, CU850, MR100, MR250, MR630, MR850. They are produced with micron rating mainly from 3 to 25 micron.
MP Filtri Stainless Steel Filter Element Replacement
MP Stainless Steel Filter Element mainly adopt stainless steel 304 or 316L filter material for high corrosive applications or to achieve reuse and washable function. Our interchange MP stainless steel high pressure filter elements mainly includes HP011, HP039, HP050, HP135 series elements.
MP Filtri Suction Filter Element Replacement
Filson replacement MP suction filter element is mainly use to protect pump from dirty contaminants, For Mahle SF250, RSX116, RSX165, CU110 suction filter element series, they all offer surface filtration way with gross micron rating, like from 60 to 200micron. Since it is positioned at low pressure working environment, most MP Filtri suction filter elements are produced with a simple and lightweight construction. Filson can provide magnetic Mahle suction strainer elements to help you efficiently remove ferrous particles.
  • Material: glass fiber, stainless steel wire mesh, paper
  • Filtration accuracy: 3μm ~ 200μm
  • Working pressure: 10bar-560bar
  • Working media: hydraulic and lubrication fluids
  • Working temperature: -30°C~+100°C
  • Sealing material: nitrile, Viton, others on request
  • End design: single or double open end, bypass valve with opening pressure options

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FAQ for MP Filtri Filter Element Replacement

Any MP Filtri Filter Element Replacement, just give the cross reference, we will make that for you.
Why choose replacement MP Filtri filter elements from Filson?
  1. We are factory and more than 18 years elements production experience. Replacement filter elements are sold in 30+ countries.
  2. Complete MP Filtri filter elements database and thorough production flow.
  3. Fast delivery, free sample, OEM&ODM, 24 hours online service
  4. Strict quality control and integrated quality inspection before delivery.
  5. After-sale. If there are any quality problems from us, we will reproduce for free
How to choose a proper MP Filtri filter element for existing hydraulic system?


  • Working pressure
  • Working temperature
  • Flow rate
  • Pressure drop
  • Fluid type
  • Filtration accuracy
  • Existing filter housing
What is the effect of contamination on hydraulic system?

Main contamination

  • Solid contamination: rust, iron, rubber, paint particles…
  • Liquid contamination: water, acids
  • Gas contamination: air presence

Main effects

  • Surface damage and corrosion
  • Component wear and corrosion
  • Fluid oxidation
  • Noisy and cavitation
What's your service?

Pre-sale service:

Provide you proper filter models and price

Technical and drawing service by one-to-one engineers

Medium-sale service:

All alternative MP Filtrifilter element will be tested before shipment

Update goods transport information until you receive our filters

After-sale service:

Installation support and direction

MP Filtri replacement elements change-out guidance

Quality Assurance For Filson Replacement MP Filtri Filters?
  • Raw material procurement with certification
  • Professional inspectors at every production process
  • Advanced production and glue-injection equipment
  • Strict testing before send-out based on below ISO standards:
  • Element collapse resistance as per ISO 2941
  • Fabrication integrity as per ISO2942
  • Fluid compatibility as per ISO 2943
  • Fatigue pressure testing as per ISO 3724
  • Pressure drop versus flow characteristic as per ISO 3968
  • Multi-pass filter ratings as per ISO 16889
What is your minimum order quantity?

We don’t have MOQ limited, usually with 1 PC.

What is your packaging and shipment?

Package: Carton or wooden case as your request.


  1. FedEx/DHL/UPS/TNT for samples or small order, directly to your company.
  2. By Sea from Qingdao or Shanghai port
  3. By air from Zhengzhou airport, 3-5 days arrival
What's your sample policy?

FREE sample are delivered within 7 days.

What's the terms of payment?

T/T 30-50% as deposit, and balance before delivery

Can I use my own logo on filter elements?

Yes, customize brand logo or model numbers on the products are available.

What is your delivery time?

If we have stock, usually 7-10 working days after payment

New products, we will produce and delivery within 7-15 days.

Can I use your filter elements in my existing MP Filtri filter housing?

Yes, our MP Filtri filter element can directly fit in your MP filters, not need to make any adjustments.

PS: All parts marked “replacement” or “equivalent” are not affiliated with the original MP Filtri manufacture, part numbers, and names are used for cross reference only.

Do you have MP Filtri filter cross reference?

Please check our available MP Filtri filter elements models as below:

Filson: MP Filtri Filter Element Replacement

MP Filtri Filter Element Replacement

Filson replacement MP Filtri filter elements capture and separate particles by surface filtration or depth filtration ways with multi-layers structure. Through Multipass testing methods, we could intuitively show you detailed filtration effect, clean pressure drop and dirty holding ability.

With 18 years hydraulic filter element design, developing and manufacturing experience, Filson holds the know-how of filter layers’ corrugating and glue-injection production technology. We are glad to develop replacement MP Filtri filter elements such as MP Filtri suction strainer, MP Filtri return filter elements or MP Filtri pressure filter elements for hydraulic power units.

Compare to other MP Filtri filter suppliers, Filson hydraulic filter elements have larger filtration area and dirt holding capacity, which will help you longer components life, reduce stop time and make your hydraulic system more reliable.

MP Filtri Filter Element Replacement manufacturer

Filson hydraulic elements allow you to directly use in existing MP Filtri filter housings since they are the same dimensions, and functions, even fluid and temperature compatibility with current MP Filtri filter elements.

MP Filtri replacement elements from Filson can be applied to the metallurgical industry, automobile industry, power equipment, chemical industry, construction machinery, paper industry, shipbuilding industry, and machine tool manufacturing.

If you are looking for an MP Filtri replacement filters or hydraulic filter element, please contact us with your requirements, we have complete range of MP Filtri filters in stock.


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