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Filson Needle Felt Filter Bag

  • Selectable connection for convenient installation
  • Capable of using in both fluids and gases filtration
  • Large dirt holding capacity, low replacement frequency
  • Needled felt filter media for extended dirt holding capacity
  • Melt bonded structure avoid fluids bypass through the needle hole

Filson always supplies needle felt filter bags with 5 different filter media: standard polypropylene(PP) felt, extended life polypropylene felt, polyester(PE) felt, nylon felt or cotton felt.

  • Micron rating: 1-200
  • Material: polypropylene(PP), polyester(PE), nylon, cotton
  • Operating temperature: 400˚C-SS, 150˚C-cotton, 160˚C-nylon, 145˚C-PE, 90˚C-PP
  • Flange material: polypropylene(PP) as standard
  • Sizes: 7*16.5”, 7*32”, 4*41”…
  • Minimum order quantity: 50PCs

Note: material/micron rating/filtration area/design style are available in customization

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Filson Needle Felt Filter Bag

Your Masterly Needle Felt Filter Bag Fabricator in China

Filson needle felt filter bag completely avoids unfiltered liquid bypass occurring benefits from welded seams. In addition, Filson can do a fiber-free treatment on the filter bag edge, resulting in non-fiber-shedding during filtration.

All Filson needle felt filter bags are needled into a thin, relatively dense construction, resulting in a widely used micron rating range from 1 µm to 200 µm. Moreover, you can select flange or drawstring as a diverse connection style for adapting to different installation conditions.

Contact Filson to explore the full range of customizable needle felt filter bags for your application and get a quick quote!

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