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Filson Nomex Filter Bags

  • High filtration efficiency, reaching 99.9%
  • Good chemical resistance to acids and alkalis
  • Easy cleaning and maintaining
  • Excellent abrasion and folding resistance
  • Low-pressure drop

As an experienced manufacturer of Nomex filter bags, Filson has successfully extended our scope of service all over the world. With significant production designs supported by high-grade raw material, Filson Nomex filter bags have the capacity to operate in various industrial applications.

  • Material: Nomex
  • Maximum operating temperature: 220℃
  • Micron ratings: 0.5-200 micron
  • Weight: 350-700 g/m2
  • Thickness: 1.4 mm
  • Air permeability: 10.8 m3/min
  • Available design for the top: snap band top, ring top, corded top, raw edge, and more.
  • Available design for bottom: sewn flat, disc bottom, hemmed, and more.
  • Finish options: plain, glazed, singed.
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Filson Nomex Filter Bags

Professional Nomex Filter Bags Manufacturer in China

Nomex is a fire-resistant material, Nomex filter bags made by Filson have inherent protection against acids and alkalis. Commonly, Filson Nomex filter bags are applied for dust and fumes collection.

Filson Nomex filter bags are ideal products in a filtration system because of their good air permeability, high-temperature resistance, low price, and long service life.

If you are interested in Filson Nomex filter bags, don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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