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Filson Nylon Filter Bags

  • Non silicone sewing to avoid chemical contaminant
  • Easy to install and remove with any bag filter housing
  • Large sizes than filter cartridges for higher flow capacity
  • Special connection design available for best compatibility
  • Eminent permeability and high particle trapping rate of 99.98%

Filson nylon filter bags owns the best abrasion and flex than other filters like cotton, fiberglass, Nomex, or polypropylene(PP). Therefore, it is one of the most rigid monofilament mesh filter bags which won’t crack easily while retaining the highest permeability.

  • Material: nylon monofilament mesh
  • Standard size: 7”*16.5”, 7”*32”…
  • Filtration accuracy: 5-1000 micron
  • Temperature resistance: Max. 160°C
  • Connection: flange/ring/drawstring

Note: flanges or ring installation can be customized upon request

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Filson Nylon Filter Bags

Your Specialist Nylon Filter Bags Manufacturer in China

Filson nylon filter bags, also called nylon mesh filter bags or nylon monofilament mesh filter bags, have the thinnest configuration due to single-filament-thread woven mesh construction. Therefore, they allow a large flow capacity since the fastest penetration than felt filter bags.

Benefits from the widest micron rating range of 5-1000μm than other bag filters, Filson nylon filter bags can be utilized in whether pre/coarse filtration, medium filtration, or fine/critical filtration. Plus, it features higher heat resistance than polypropylene(PP) and cotton up to 160°C.

Contact Filson! And you will obtain the best solution for nylon filter bags!

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