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Filson focus on design and produce all kinds of oil filtration systems with more than 18 years. No matter for custom oil filtration systems or replacement oil filtration systems, our engineering team could design proper oil filtration system models to help you prolong oil life-span, improve oil filtration effect but with more economic price and quicker delivery time.

Please send us your oil kinds, flow rate, filtration accuracy, wanted dewater efficiency, or even ideal oil filtration systems with other brands, Like Pall HNP006 Oil Purifier, Hydac OF5 Oil Filter Cart, Hypro Vacuum Dehydrator, Parker 10MFP filter carts, we will quote for you immediately.

Oil Filtration Systems

Portable Oil Filter Cart
Filson portable oil filter carts are used to remove particles from all kinds of oils. It can be used as oil transfer cart or to clean up cleaning oil systems.
Handheld Filter Cart
Filson handheld oil filter cart is lightweight and easy-to-operate to control your oil cleanliness level. Flow rate up to 16LPM with 5micron rating.
Hydraulic oil filtration system
Filson portable hydraulic oil filtration unit provide excellent system protection and highest oil cleanliness level. With micron rating up to 1micron, flow rate from 5LPM to 350LPM.
Coalesce Oil Filtration Unit
Filson mobile coalesce filtration unit features a large combination coalesce/separator element to remove free water from turbine lube oil. It can achieve water content below 50ppm with flow rates up to 25LPM.
Vacuum Oil Purifier
Filson vacuum oil filtration cart has compact and light weight structure with flow rate upto 20LPM. Compare to vacuum dehydration, it can achieve the same dewater efficiency but with a competitive price
Tote Oil Filter Cart
Filson tote oil filter carts mainly use in the most arduous environment to suit customer’ specific requests, such as built-in tank or anti-explosion functions.
High Viscosity Oil Purifier
Filson high viscosity oil purifier offer a cost-effective solution to effectively remove particulate contamination from 160-760cSt viscosities range of oils.
Multi-stage oil filtration unit
Filson multi-stage oil filtration unit are suitable for highly contaminated industry fluids that you don’t need to replace insert elements frequently and easily achieve high accuracy.
Vacuum dehydrator
Filson vacuum dehydration unit is specially designed to remove 100% free water and 80% dissolved water, meanwhile it can capture solid contaminants to 3 microns, with efficiency of 99.9%.
Coalesce skid
Filson coalesce skid rapidly achieves water content below 50ppm for turbine oil, transformer oil, hydraulic and lube oil. It is equipped with PLC control system and auto-water drain.
Transformer Oil Purifier
Filson transformer oil purifiers can achieve better dewatering effect to 10ppm with dual-stage vacuum system and higher vacuum degree. Water or particle content detector is available for intuitively observing actual dewater effect.
Oil Purifier for Phosphate Ester Fluids
Filson phosphate ester oil filtration equipment are used to greatly enhance the reliability of plant equipment by removal of harmful moisture, acid and particulates. It adopt stainless steel material and FKM sealing material for high corrosion resistance.
Varnish Removal filtration systems
Filson oil filtration systems are supplied with options including adsorptive depth cellulose varnish removal filter elements for rapid varnish removal, meanwhile they feature Beta 1000 rated micro-glass filter elements to meet the ISO 4406.
Acid removal ion exchange filter
Acids in oil can easily cause corrosive wear of fluid system. Filson acid removal ion exchange filter has high acid removal effect, often installation in vacuum dehydrator system together to achieve oil cleanliness level.
Hydac Filter Cart Replacement
No matter used for replacing diesel fuel oil, turbine oil filter cart or hydraulic and lube oil filtration systems, just please tell us flow rate, accuracy or original model number, like Hydac OF5 filter cart, we will design proper filter carts for you.
Parker filter cart Replacement
Filson replacement Parker filter carts-Models 5MFP & 10MFP use two high capacityfilters for longelement life and better system protection. It is the most economical way to extend your equipment service life.
Pall Oil Purifier Replacement
Filson replacement oil filter carts have the same water and impurity removal efficiency with original Pall filtration system, like 1-3micron, water content lower than 50ppm, but with more competitive price.
Eaton Mobile Filter Cart Replacement
Filson replacement Eaton filter cart features a single bag filter housing in carbon or stainless steel material. It is compact and easy handling with flow rate up to 45 GPM with 125 psi pressure.
Harvard oil filter cart replacement
Filson replacement Harvard filter carts offer 100% custom service for wide range of fluids and oil viscosity, such as coalesce filter and bag filter available, magnetic oil filtration systems design, and particle counters options
Kidney Loop Oil Filtration System Replacement
Filson replacement Kidney Loop offline oil filtration system is availablein a range of flow rates and several filtration media options, including depth, microglass, paper and water absorptive to satisfy any filtration request.
Des case Filter Cart Replacement
Filson replacement Des case portable filter carts and vacuum dehydration can dramatically improve system performance and fluid life, preventing production downtime and expensive machinery repair costs.
Hypro Filter Cart Replacement
Filson has full series replacement products for Hy-Pro filter carts, such as dedicated off-line filtration, Hypro vacuum dehydration, turbine oil & fuel coalesce, soluble varnish removal SVR and electrostatic contamination removal systems.
Norman Hydraulic Filter Cart Replacement
Filson manufactures replacement Norman high viscosity filter carts & mobile filtration cart to filter particulate and water contaminants found in new and existing hydraulic and lube oil. It can achieve accuracy down to 1 micron absolute.
RRR Filter Cart Replacement
Filson replacement Triple R filter carts has ‘all-in-one’ structure to remove all pollutions, such as solid particles, water, sludge and oil degradation from industrial hydraulic oil and lube oil.

Why Filson Oil Filtration Systems

Filson offer a wide range of custom oil filtration carts for all your need, such as high viscosity and anti-explosion oil applications, high accuracy-1 micron and large filtration area request. Recently we design and manufacture small vacuum dehydration unit, it is light-weight and convenient with high water absorption capacity and limited space advantages.

  • Better Protection From Particles, Water, Varnish, Acid
  • Varied Material Available And Design Flexibility
  • High Flow Rate Even For High Viscosity Fluids
  • Superior Filtration Efficiency For Clean&Dry Oil
  • PLC Control System For Easy And Simple Operation
25LPM Vacuum Dehydrator Introduction Video


FilSon Oil Filtration System



Filson oil filtration systems also names oil filtration equipment or oil filter cart, which is designed to remove water, varnish, acid and particles from oil. Filson oil filtration systems mainly includes hydraulic oil filter carts, lube oil purification systems, oil purifiers for phosphate ester fluids, vacuum dehydrators, offline filtration systems, turbine oil filtration units and more.

Water and air in oil can easily cause oil oxidation and lubricating properties loss, finally affect the reliability of the system and the service life of system components and oils. Filson oil filtration systems are ideal ways to help you achieve NAS5 and system stability through multiple filtration.

Filson oil filtration systems offers superior system protection as well as higher cleanliness level, longer equipment life, etc. Compared with other oil filtration system suppliers, Filson filter cart has much better water removal performance and filtration efficiency. Like our vacuum dehydrators, can remove 100% of free water, free gas and 90% of dissolved water, dissolved gas.

Not only with standards filtration system, Filson also offer customized oil filtration units for special requests. For example, fire resistant oil is easy to form acid substances under high temperature and moisture environment. Filson design the regenerative filtration module with strong polarity silica-alumina adsorbent, to reduce the oil acid resistance and increase oil resistivity.

With more than 18 year experience in manufacturing oil filtration systems, Filson has strong customer base in hydropower station, steel mill and marine industries. Our portable oil filtration systems are selling to 30+ countries now, therefore we prepare stock for basic portable filter carts, which is easier to fulfill small orders and shorten the lead time.



Filson oil filtration systems have significant advantages, such as, simple and easy operation, Siemens PLC control systems for unattended facility, automatic drainage choices… No matter for high viscosity, flammable or high polluted oil, Filson portable oil filtration systems can overcome these technical problems to achieve oil cleanliness level.

If you’re looking for oil filtration system manufacturer, then you’re in the right place. Filson engineer team will help you design and choose proper oil filtration units, that most suitable for your applications with quick delivery.

Contact us now.

PS: All parts marked “replacement” or “equivalent” are not affiliated with the original Filter Cart manufacture, filter part numbers and names are used for cross reference only.

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