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Filson P84 Filter Bags

  • Low-pressure drop
  • High dust cleaning efficiency
  • Good chemical stability
  • Great temperature resistance (240-260°C)
  • Excellent oxidize resistance
  • Remarkable abrasion resistance

Filson P84 filter bags have high-temperature resistance, are generally made of polyimide fiber by needling craft. With remarkable high heat endurance and excellent acid and alkali resistance, they can be applied in various industrial dust collections.

  • Material: P84
  • Maximum operating temperature: 260℃
  • Micron ratings: 0.5-200 micron
  • Weight: 550 g/m2
  • Thickness: 2.4mm
  • Air permeability: 10 m3/min
  • Available design for the top: snap band top, ring top, corded top, raw edge, and more.
  • Available design for bottom: sewn flat, disc bottom, hemmed, and more.
  • Finish options: plain, glazed, singed.
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Filson P84 Filter Bags

High-Efficiency P84 Filter Bags for Dust Removal

Filson P84 filter bags are also called polyimide filter bags, which are useful in collecting micro-grain and dust particles. They can be continuously used in asphalt plants, cement industry, waste incinerators, fluid boilers, and coal-burning boilers, etc.

A tailored service is provided by Filson, whatever P84 filter bags you need, just tell us your request, we will give an exact recommendation. Pay attention to the following factors when you send a quote: the size of the dust collector filter bag, flat dimension, top or bottom construction, working conditions.

We are always looking forward to becoming your filter bag partner.

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