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Filson has rich experience in manufacturing all types of Pall filter elements replacement. We provide you competitive price and can totally replace your present Pall filter elements in sizes and function. We have a professional production and engineer teams that will handle all your Pall filter elements requests, such as Pall hydraulic filter elements, Pall water filter cartridges, Pall high flow filter cartridges, Pall oil filters, and other Pall filter assembly.

  • Over 15 Years of OEM experience for major filter brand manufacturers
  • Replacement Pall filter can directly fit in dimension and function
  • Filson offers tailored-made service for special Pall filter elements
  • Comprehensive stocks and quick delivery within 7 days

Your Premier Pall Filter Element Replacement Manufacturer

Pall oil filters are available in a wide range of materials to handle any flow rate, which allows you to economically achieve wanted cleanliness level for the oil system. Pall water filter cartridge has double open-ended (DOE) and single open-ended (SOE) choices, with and without core support configurations to fit your present Pall filter housing.

Compare to other replacement filter elements suppliers, Filson focuses on to provide you reliable and consistent filtration performance to maintain contaminants at low levels, therefore, choosing Filson replacement filter elements, you don’t need to replace elements frequently and cost much on hydraulic system failures and maintenance.

Pall Hydraulic Filter Element Replacement features high strength, high dirt-holding capacity and low differential pressure across a clean element, it helps you reduce elements replacement frequency.
Pall Water Filter Cartridge Replacement are available in a wide range of materials, sizes, core support configurations and removal efficiencies to achieve your different water treatment needs.
Pall Coalescer Filter Element Replacement are used to efficiently remove oil and water from air and gas streams. It offers a high separation efficiency and helps you to reduce downtime and operating cost.
Pall Oil Filter Element Replacement can be directly use in Pall oil purifiers, Pall duplex filter housings and Pall pressure filters to help you effectively remove particles and achieve wanted cleanliness level.
Pall Ultipleat High Flow Filter Cartridge is specially designed for high flow rate with accuracy from 1 to 100micron. Every piece of this pleated filter cartridge can meet flow rate up to 1300L/min.
Pall Profile Star Filter Cartridges Replacement adopt all-polypropylene pleated structure for depth and consistent filtration effect. It has broad chemical compatibility and excellent contamination removal efficiency.
Pall HC9600 Filter Element Replacement adopt high-quality glassfiber with a 99.9% filtration efficiency. It is the most reliable way to avoid unscheduled downtime and equipment failure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you print our brand name on the filter elements?

Yes, we can also supply “brand labeled” service for your company, with no extra fee!

What is your delivery time for replacement Pall filter element?

With most Pall filter cartridge interchange in stock, we are ready to ship immediately.

For custom filter elements from Pall filter catalog, we will produce and delivery within 5-10 days.

What is your replacement Pall filter element packaging and shipment?

Package: Carton or wooden case as your request.


  • FedEx/DHL/UPS/TNT for samples or small order, directly to your company.
  • By Sea from Qingdao or Shanghai port
  • By air from Zhengzhou airport, 3-5 days arrival
Can you calculate detailed shipping cost for me?

Yes, Filson has long-term forwarder, so shipping cost for you is always cost-effective.

Of course, if you have authorized forwarder, we can offer you freight cost as a comparison and reference, so that you could choose a more suitable forwarder.

What's your terms of payment?

T/T 30-50% as deposit, and balance before delivery.

Do you have Pall filter cross reference?

Yes, please check our available Pall filter elements models as below.

Filson: Your Best Pall Filter Element Replacement Factory

Pall Water Filter Cartridge Replacement

Filson Filter is an independent industrial filter manufacturer.

Pall name and part number are used for cross reference only.

All tradenames, service marks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Filson Filters does not claim to provide Pall filter elements or other manufacturer’s filter and/or strainer elements.

FAQ of Pall Filter Elements Replacement

Why choose replacement Pall filter elements from Filson?

Pall Profile Star Filter Cartridges Replacement

1) Reliable. Filson is a factory and more than 18 years of elements production experience. Replacement filter elements are sold in 30+ countries.

2) Cost-effective. Filson offers replacement Pall filter elements with original quality but competitive price.

3) Service. Fast delivery, free sample, OEM&ODM, 24 hours online service

4) Quality. Strict quality control and integrated quality inspection before delivery.

5) Professional. We have more than 4000 Pall hydraulic filter elements and water filter cartridges database.

Why Filson Can Produce Reliable Replacement Pall Filter Element?

Through more than 15 years of replacement filter elements manufacturing experience, Filson chooses and test many different filter materials. At present, our optimized Pall filter element construction can help your system really realize particle removal efficiency and reduce contamination damage system and avoid expensive repair cost.

Meanwhile, Filson continues improving the production process, like the glue-injection process and end cap bonding. We keep good elements integrity as original Pall filter elements, avoiding unfiltered oil bypass to enter your piping system.

Quality is everything for Filson. Pall filter element replacement here offers consistent filtration performance with a large dirt holding capacity and less pressure drop. You will benefit from lower cost and improved filtration efficiency.

Do you offer sample replacement Pall filter elements?

Yes, Filson could delivery FREE sample to you within 7 days so that you could check our quality and details.

What is your product range for replacing the Pall filter element?

Pall Oil Filter Element Replacement

Filson has comprehensive replacement filter elements database and the majority of these are available in stock, including Pall multiple high flow filter cartridge, Pall HC9600 series filter elements, Pall profile star filter cartridges, Pall coalescer filter element, etc.

From Pall, hydraulic oil filter elements to water filter cartridges, usually all codes in the Pall filter element catalog belong to our product range.

Can you produce according to our Pall filter samples?

Pall Hydraulic Filter Element Replacement

Yes, Filson can produce by your samples or technical drawings.

How to pick the right filter element for my existing Pall filtration system?

Al Pall filters have part numbers on them. You can directly ask the dealer.

Or contact Filson engineering team, we will help you choose from below specifications:

• Working pressure

• Working temperature

• Flow rate

• Pressure drop

• Fluid type

• Filtration accuracy

• Existing filter housing

Can I use Filson filter elements in my existing Pall filter housing?

Yes, Filson replacement Pall filter elements are totally exchangeable with original filter elements in sizes, quality, and functions, and can save you more than 50% purchase costs, since as a filter elements manufacturer, we have fewer management costs and intermediate selling links.

If your existing filter housing is from Pall, using our Pall replacement filter cartridges are very convenient and high-efficiency. Whether replacement Pall hydraulic filter elements or Pall water filter cartridges, it can directly fit in your Pall filter housings, not need to make any adjustments.

When do I need to replace Pall filter elements?

Pall Ultipleat High Flow Filter Cartridge

Usually when the filter is blocked with contaminants, reaching setting drop of pressure. Pall filter elements should be replaced immediately to ensure optimum and continuous filtration performance.

How to replace the Pall filter element?

Specific replacement steps are as follows:

1. When the differential pressure reaches a set point, like 0.20 MPa, we need to replace immediately.

2. Stop the system, loosen hex head screws on filter cover, turn quick-opening cover to about 90~180 degree, pull Pall filter element from the filter housing.

3. Flush the interior of the filter housing with clean, processed, filtered oil. and replace the pall filter element.

4. Install new Pall filter element in the filter housing. Make sure element o-rings seat properly into the head.

5. Inspect the cover o-ring and replace if necessary. 

Examine all connections and seals for leaks, shut down immediately if leaks are present.


• Care should be taken in handling the expended cartridge and/or all internal parts that have been in contact with the filtered product.

How can I receive a quick quotation?

Please contact us at, tell us your existing Pall filter model numbers like:

Pall HC9600FKT8H, then we will quote you within 8 hours.

What are your minimum order quantities?

Filson doesn’t have MOQ limited, even with 1 PC Pall filter element interchange, we will arrange the production immediately

Which test for Pall filter element replacement is conducted?

  • Raw material procurement with certification
  • Strict testing before send-out based on below ISO standards:
  • Element collapse resistance as per ISO 2941
  • Fabrication integrity as per ISO2942
  • Fluid compatibility as per ISO 2943
  • Fatigue pressure testing as per ISO 3724
  • Pressure drop versus flow characteristic as per ISO 3968
  • Multi-pass filter ratings as per ISO 16889

pall ultipleat high flow filter

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