Parker Filter Element Replacement

Why Choose Parker filter interchange from Filson

Filson supplies over 1650 interchange Parker filter elements at competitive prices and equivalent quality. We manufacture all type of replacement Parker filter element based on different cross reference, please send the cross reference list with your inquiry.

  • Capture greater amounts of contaminant for less downtime
  • Fast delivery within 7 days for urgent order
  • Totally replace Parker filter elements in sizes and function
  • High filtration efficiency with competitive cost
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  • parker hydraulic filter elements
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Your Premier Parker Filter Element Replacement Manufacturer

Filson replacement Parker filter element is produced to be fully interchangeable with the original Parker Hannifin filter element with superior quality standard. It mainly includes Parker hydraulic filter elements, Parker water filter cartridges, Parker oil filters, Parker air filter elements, and Racor fuel filter elements.

Unfiltered fluids pass through Filson replacement filter elements, then particles are captured and collected on the surface of filter cartridge. After a period time of contamination accumulated, finally, Parker filter interchange is blocked and brings in filter high pressure drop to remind of you replacing a new one.

Therefore, filtration precision, holding capacity, a pressure drop of clean filter element will all together influence replacement Parker filter elements final particle removal effect, service life, and your system downtime.

Parker Air Filter Element
Parker Air Filter Element aims to keep air clean and dry, even for demanding high-dust environments. Different from traditional cellulose media, Filson adopt own filtration material with higher filtration area and lower flow restriction.
Parker Hydraulic Filter Element Replacement
Parker Hydraulic Filter Element provide consistent protection against particle contaminant in your hydraulic systems, otherwise it will result in increased downtime and cost you higher operational charges by damaging pumps, valves and cylinders.
Parker Water Filter Cartridge Replacement
Parker Water Filter Cartridge are available in a wide range of materials and structures, including Parker string wound filter cartridges, Parker pleated membrane filter cartridges, melt blown filter cartridges, Megaflow and Fulflow series high flow water filter cartridge
Racor Fuel Filter Element Replacement
Parker Racor Fuel Filter Element is specially designed for diesel and gasoline engine applications, It offers a better separation and coalesce function to remove water and solid contaminants from fuel at 98% filtration efficiency.

Parker Filter ELement

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Filson Can Produce Reliable Replacement Parker Filter Element?

Not like other suppliers, to save production costs, producing replacement Parker filter cartridge with unknown media quality, Filson optimized filtration media to make it collect and capture greater amounts of contaminant for longer service life.

Can I use your filter elements in my existing Parker filter housing?

Replacement Parker filter elements from Filson are totally exchangeable with original in sizes, quality and functions, it could directly fit in your existing Parker filter housing.

Do you offer sample replacement Parker filter elements?

Yes, we could delivery FREE sample to you within 7 days so that you could check our quality and details.

What are your minimum order quantities?

No MOQ limited, even with 1 PC, Filson will arrange production for you immediately

How can I receive a quick quotation?

Please contact us at, tell us your existing Parker filter model numbers like: Parker 936975Q, then we will quote you within 8 hours.

Which Parker filter cartridge codes do you offer replacement?

Most replacement from Parker filter element catalogue are available in stock, cost-effective and easy to order.

If you want Parker filters cross reference, please send request to, we will prepare for you immediately.

Can you print our brand name on the filter elements?

Yes, we can also supply a “brand labeled” service for your company, with no extra fee!


Filson: Your Best Parker Filter Element Replacement Manufacturer

To improve replacement Parker filter elements’ filtration performance and really achieve your system fluid cleanliness levels, Filson has professional testing equipment and engineer teams to inspect Parker oil filter replacement from integrity to bubble point data.

At present, all Filson replacement Parker filter elements conform to the latest ISO standards in manufacture and testing, ensuring to offer you high efficiency and consistent filtration for applications, such as mining, construction, marine, forestry, agricultural, oil and gas, compressor and etc.

Compare to other Replacement filter elements suppliers, Filson replacement Parker filter elements not only help you save purchase cost, but can decrease overall costs by less filter element change-out frequency and minimal system downtime.

Filson has a complete database of replacing Parker filter elements, contact us today for free samples and a quick quote!

Common replacement Parker Filter Element models are listed as below:

909296/ 909298/ 909306/ 909308/ 920524/ 920529/ 922623/ 922624/ 922625/ 922661Q

922662/ 922671/ 922783/ 922785/ 922787/ 922790/ 922960/ 922961/ 923056/ 923439/ 923441

923442/ 923540/ 923542/ 923543/ 923554/ 923556/ 923557/ 924448/ 924452/ 924453/ 924465

924467/ 924468/ 924495/ 924730/ 924731/ 924732/ 924733/ 924734/ 924735/ 924737/ 924738

924739/ 924740/ 924790/ 925035/ 925211/ 925214/ 925215/ 925217/ 925218/ 925584/ 925604

925833/ 926567/ 926568/ 926696/ 926697/ 926716/ 926717/ 926835/ 926836/ 926837/ 926838

928934/ 928935/ 928952/ 928953/ 929105/ 929106/ 929111Q/ 929112/ 929796/ 929801

929808/ 929814/ 929820/ 929826/ 929899Q/ 929903Q/ 929923Q/ 929927Q/ 930099/ 930100

930118/ 930119/ 930218Q/ 930219Q/ 930220Q/ 930222Q/ 930223Q/ 930224Q/ 930226Q

930227Q/ 930228Q/ 930367/ 930368/ 930369/ 930370/ 932358/ 932364/ 932468/ 932475

933234Q/ 933377Q/ 933378Q/ 935125/ 935127/ 935128/ 935131/ 987121/ G00573/ G00581

G00589/ G00597/ G00598/ G00599/ G00600/ G00601/ G00602/ G00603/ G00793/ G00794

G00795/ G00796/ G00797/ G00976/ G00977/ G00979/ G00986/ G00989/ G00996/ G00997

G00998/ G00999/ G01000/ G01001/ G01003/ G01004/ G01279/ G01280/ G01281/ G01282

G01298/ G01301/ G01302/ G01313/ G01314/ G01315/ G01316/ G01335/ G01336/ G01344

G01347/ G01350/ G01354/ G01441/ G01442/ G01445/ G01446/ G01447/ G01448/ G01451

G01452/ G01453/ G01454/ G01457/ G01458/ G01459/ G01460/ G01463/ G01464/ G01930

G01932/ G01934/ G01935/ G01940/ G01942/ G01943/ G01946/ G01948/ G01950/ G01951

G01954/ G01956/ G01958/ G01959/ G02053/ G02054/ G02055/ G02056/ G02057/ G02058

G02059/ G02060/ G02061/ G02062/ G02063/ G02064/ G02065/ G02066/ G02067/ G02068

G02069/ G02070/ G02071/ G02072/ G02073/ G02074/ G02075/ G02076/ G02077/ G02078

G02079/ G02080/ G02081/ G02082/ G02083/ G02084/ G02085/ G02086/ G02087/ G02088

G02567/ G02569/ G02721/ G02723/ G02724/ G02726/ G02727/ G02729/ G03362/ G03363

G03364/ G03365/ G03366/ G03367/ G03368/ G03369/ G03370/ G03371/ G03372/ G03373

G03374/ G03375/ G03376/ G03377/ G03378/ G03379/ G03380/ G03381/ G03382/ G03383

G03384/ G03385/ G03386/ G03387/ G03388/ G03389/ G03390/ G03391/ G03737/ G03738

G03739/ G03740/ G04235/ G04236/ G04237/ G04238/ PR3362/ PR3363/ PR3364/ PR3365
PR3366/ PR3367/ PR3368/ PR3369/ PR3370/ PR3371/ PR3373/ PR3374/ PR3375/ PR3376

PR3377/ PR3378/ PR3379/ PR3380/ PR3381/ PR3382/ PR3383/ PR3384/ PR3385/ PR3386

PR3387/ PR3388/ PR3389/ PR3390/ PR3391

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PS: Filson Filter is an independent industrial filter manufacturer. Parker’s name and part number are used for cross reference only. All tradenames, service marks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Filson Filters does not claim to provide Parker filter elements or other manufacturer’s filter and/or strainer elements.

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