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Filson PES Filter Cartridge

  • Large filter surface reduces replacement frequency
  • Absolute filtration micron rating range from 0.2µm-1µm
  • FDA certified material for use in food&beverage application
  • Polypropylene core and outer frame for increasing durability
  • All-thermal bonded construction, avoid spacers and bypassing
  • Superb antibacterial performance in wet or dry condition

Filson PES filter cartridge, also named PES membrane filter cartridge, is generally composed of polyethersulfone media, PP inner core, and PP connector. All these components fit the FDA standard, thus offering ample possibility to apply in sterile filtration for both liquids and gases.

  • OD: 2.7”/69mm
  • ID: 1”/25.4mm
  • Lengths: 9.75”-40”
  • Filtration area: 7.6 ft 2 per 10” filter cartridge
  • Operating temperature: 180°F at 20 psid
  • Recommended change-out pressure:35 psid/2.4 bar
  • Differential pressure: 60 psid-80°F, 30 psid-160°F, 15 psid-200°F
  • Filter media: asymmetric polyethersulfone membrane
  • Core material: polypropylene
  • Endcap: polypropylene

Note: special end caps and O-rings are all customizable to meet your needs

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Filson PES Filter Cartridge

Your Sincerely PES Filter Cartridge Partner in China

Filson PES filter cartridge is used as a final filtration owing to the finest nominal filtration accuracy 0.2µm, 0.45µm, 0.65µm… Undoubtedly, you can require other specific micron ratings ranging from 0.2µm to 1 µm to meet your application needs.

Moreover, Filson PES filter cartridge demonstrates distinct differential pressures in different temperature environments. For instance, when you’re take it for 80°F temp condition, you can see its capability on withstanding differential pressure up to 60 psid/4.41bar.

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