• Pipeline Basket Strainer
  • Pipeline Basket Strainer
  • Pipeline Basket Strainer

Filson Pipeline Basket Strainer

  • Available in both standard and customized types
  • Eminent protection for pipeline
  • Various options for raw materials
  • Designed and manufactured to meet ANSI and ASME standards
  • High filtration ratings

Filson pipeline basket strainer is designed and built to protect the pipe system in the filtration process. It can be made into different shapes and patterns with multiple materials such as stainless steel 304 or 316, carbon steel, cast iron, or PVC to satisfy your specific usage.

  • Basic Material: stainless steel 304 or 316, carbon steel, cast iron, PVC
  • Connection Size: 1’’ to 24’’
  • Operating Temperature: -190℃—600℃(upon materials)
  • Flow Capacity: up to 15000L,/min
  • Filtration Ratings: 1μm to 10000μm
  • Pressure Capacity: up to 100 bar
  • Available Medium: oil, stream, water, gas
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Filson Pipeline Basket Strainer

Your Reliable Pipeline Basket Strainer Supplier in China

Filson pipeline basket strainer is a crucial component in a pipeline system. It not only protects expensive valves, pumps, and meters but the other important components downstream. And Filson is a worldwide supplier of pipeline basket strainers that can be trusted.

Filson industrial and commercial pipeline basket strainers are provided for a wide variety of applications where protection from unwanted solids and matters in a pipeline is required. They are often applied in pulp and paper, food and beverage, oil and gas, power generation, petroleum production, and refining.

Are you looking for a suitable pipeline basket strainer? Why not consider Filson? We will always be here to satisfy all your requirements!

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