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Filson Pneumatic Air Muffler

  • Uniform pore sizes and distribution with high porosity
  • Superior noise reduction capacity with easy installation
  • Cleanable and durable with extended service life
  • Selectable thread or push-in connectors for tight connection
  • Reliable constructions with excellent corrosion resistance

Typically, Filson manufactures pneumatic air mufflers in bronze, stainless steel, and plastic materials to meet different applications. OEM is our specialty so that you can require any custom sizes and styles, then we will achieve them.

  • Material: bronze, stainless steel, plastic
  • Operating Temp: 40-300 ℉
  • Operating Pressure: up to 300 psi
  • Shape: cylinder, cone, flat or irregular
  • Noise Reduction: 15-35 dB
  • Micron Rating: 0.2-90 μm
  • Diameter: from 0.25 mm

Note: custom sizes available, consult Filson.

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Filson Pneumatic Air Muffler

Your Dependable Pneumatic Air Muffler Manufacturer in China

Filson pneumatic air muffler, also called pneumatic air silencer, offers a very efficient and economical solution for various valves, air cylinders, and more pneumatic equipment. It is capable of achieving minimal back pressure without interfering with the operation of the cylinders or valves.

No matter you want to reduce noise or filter contamination from the exhaust gases, Filson pneumatic air muffler will be your best helper. We are skilled in designing various thread or push-in connectors for Filson pneumatic mufflers.

Filson is always dedicated to supplying high-quality pneumatic air mufflers with competitive costs. Not only the original types, Filson also offers replacements of popular brands on the market, like SMC silencer, Festo silencer, Parker muffler.

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