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Filson Pneumatic Breather Vent

  • Easy and quick to install with flexible connector designs
  • Available to be cleaned by solvent soak or back flowing
  • Superb noise reduction performance with low back pressure
  • High corrosion resistance option for harsh environments
  • Customizable dimensions for optimal system suitability

The standard element of Filson pneumatic breather vent is bronze powder, SS 304/316 powder, or stainless steel wires available. Plus, we offer various thread designs depending on NPT or BSP standards to perfectly suit your equipment.

  • Element Material: bronze, stainless steel
  • Fitting Material: aluminum, nickel-plated steel
  • Pressure: 150 psi
  • Temp: 300 ℉
  • Micron Rating: 40 μm as usual (10-90 μm available)
  • Length(overall): 12-25 mm
  • Shape: flat head, little protrusion head

Note: listed above for reference, customization available.

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Filson Pneumatic Breather Vent

Your Exceptional Pneumatic Breather Vent Manufacturer in China

Filson pneumatic breather vent, also referred to as breather vent, is mainly divided into sintered bronze breather vent and stainless steel breather vent based on material. Among Filson stainless steel breather vents features high temp and corrosion resistance, making it very suitable for use in harsh environments, however, the cost is higher than the bronze type.

Furthermore, if you are searching for a replacement for a Parker breather vent or other models, you are in the right place. Filson has decades of producing experience and an expert team of design engineers, which can promise to provide quality and cost-effective pneumatic breather vents for you.

Filson is at your service 24/7. Click Here for more information.

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