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Filson Pneumatic Exhaust Muffler

  • Good noise reduction performance with low back pressure
  • Custom sizes available for best system suitability
  • Cleanable and reusable with longer service life
  • Optional thread or push-in connectors for easy installation
  • Reliable and rigid construction with excellent corrosion resistance

Filson is adapt at manufacturing various pneumatic exhaust mufflers in custom sizes, just send your independent specifications to us. We are very happy to assist you to complete your pneumatic exhaust muffler projects while helping to control the overall costs.

  • Material: bronze/brass, stainless steel, aluminum, polymer
  • Operating Pressure: Max. 300 psi
  • Operating Temp: 40-300 ℉
  • Micron Rating: 0.2-90 micron
  • Length(overall): 8-90 mm
  • Connection: NPT/BSP thread, push-in
  • Noise Elimination Effect: 15-35 dB

Note: customization available, please consult Filson.

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Filson Pneumatic Exhaust Muffler

Your Trustworthy Pneumatic Exhaust Muffler Manufacturer in China

Filson pneumatic exhaust muffler, or called pneumatic exhaust silencer, is commonly made of bronze/brass, stainless steel, aluminum, polymer materials. It performs high flow capacity with low back pressure to ensure long-lasting and efficient noise reduction.

Not only the original type, Filson also supplies replacement pneumatic exhaust mufflers of many popular brands like SMC silencer, Festo silencer, Parker muffler, Norgren exhaust silencer… Plus, we have sufficient standard pneumatic mufflers in stock to meet your urgent orders.

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