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Filson Polyester Dust Collector Bags

  • High efficiency of removing dust particles
  • Smooth surface by singeing, calendaring, or heat setting
  • Easy to install, clean, and replace
  • Long useful life
  • Strict raw material control and products quality control

Filson polyester dust collector bags provide a cost-effective solution for most industrial operations. And they are extremely versatile and highly effective in almost all dust and fume collections.

  • Material: polyester
  • Maximum operating temperature: 150℃
  • Micron ratings: 0.5-200 micron
  • Weight: 600 g/m2
  • Thickness: 1.6-2.2mm
  • Air permeability: 12-21 m3/min
  • Available design for the top: snap band top, ring top, corded top, raw edge, and more.
  • Available design for bottom: sewn flat, disc bottom, hemmed, and more.
  • Finish options: plain, glazed, singed.
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Filson Polyester Dust Collector Bags

Perfect Polyester Dust Collector Bags Serving the World

Filson provides various coatings and finishes for polyester dust collector bags to enhance cleaning and filtration efficiency as well as prolong service life. Besides, ground wire, anti-collapse rings, and other selections can be easily incorporated into polyester dust collector bags construction.

FIlson polyester filter bags are scrupulously designed and fabricated to ensure ease of assembly and change out. Generally, polyester dust collector filter bags can be constructed with a snap band, corded cuff, or clamp to ensure filtration efficiency.

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