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Filson Polyester Filter Bag

  • FDA listed polyester for food contact ability
  • Available of removing solid and gelatinous particles
  • Needle felt material for large dirt holding capacity
  • Good compatibility with strong acids and weak alkalies
  • Melt bonded construction to reduce fiber migration

Filson polyester filter bag, also named PE filter bag, mainly uses high-quality polyester(PE) as material. It features high-temperature rating resistance of about 145°C and can work continuously under 105 °C, which is higher than polypropylene(PP) or cotton.

  • Bag material: polyester(PE)
  • Flange: polypropylene(PP) as standard
  • Polyester filter bag temperature rating: 160°C
  • Standard sizes: 7*16.5”, 7*32”, 4*41”…
  • Filtration precision: 1-200µm
  • Minimum order quantity: 50PCs

Note: ground wires, abrasion cuffs, and expansion rings are optional

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Filson Polyester Filter Bag

Your Experienced Manufacturer of Polyester Filter Bag

Filson polyester filter bag owns better abrasion and flexes filtration than cotton and glass fiber, leading to less tearing and long-lasting time. FDA compliant PE material ensures use in food and beverage application.

You can select Filson polyester bag with a specific filtration micron rate ranging from 1 to 200, thus achieving an ideal accuracy and flow speed capacity. Moreover, knitting patterns or thicknesses are optional to meet your requirements as well.

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