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Filson Polygroup Filter Cartridges Replacement

  • Widely adaptable with pools and hot tubs
  • Cost-effective price for overall cost saving
  • Standard sizes to better fit Poly group filters
  • Multiple models for your selection convenience
  • Cleanable and reusable to achieve a long lifespan

With the same size and cylindrical shape, Filson Polygroup filter cartridges replacement can perfectly supersede your original filter cartridge. For instance, you can use Filson Polygroup filter cartridges replacement TYPE D to replace Polygroup type D filter or Summer Escapes type D filter due to the dimension of 3.75″OD×4.13″LGTH.

  • Example model: Polygroup type D filter
  • Diameter: 3.75″/9.5cm
  • Length: approx 4.13″/10.5cm
  • Color: blue, gray, white…
  • Construction materials: polyethylene terephthalate(PET), polyurethane(PU), polypropylene(PP)
  • MOQ: 50 PCs

Note: please allow slightly length inaccuracy

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Filson Polygroup Filter Cartridges Replacement

Best Polygroup Filter Cartridges Replacement for Your Pools

Filson supplies the whole series of Polygroup Summer Waves filter cartridges and Summer Escapes filter cartridges. You can find the most commonly used filter cartridges here: replacement for Polygroup type A or C filter, Polygroup type D filter, etc.

Meanwhile, you can get Filson Polygroup filter cartridges replacements at a competitive price with a full-custom design, hence saving overall costs on filtration. Also, the number of the optional pleats gives Filson Polygroup filter cartridge increased dirt holding capacity for longer usage.

Mail to sales@filsonfilters.com for more information and a quick quote of Filson Polygroup filter cartridges replacement!

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