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Filson Polypropylene Filter Bags

  • Suitable for ambient or low temp filtration
  • FDA compliant PP for safe food processing
  • Sufficient filter bag stock for quick delivery
  • Resistance to strong alkalies and acids
  • Popular in the oil and chemical industry

Filson polypropylene filter bags mainly adopt polypropylene(PP) as material, which is hydrophobic, thus protecting the filter bag surface from water. Hence, you should immerse the filter bags in a lower surface tension fluid which compatible with the process fluid for a few minutes, then water can be drawn in due to capillary action.

  • Filtration accuracy: 1-200 micron
  • Temperature resistance: Max. 90°C
  • Thickness: 2.2-2.5mm as standard
  • Standard size: 7”*16.5”, 7”*32”…
  • Material: polypropylene felt, polypropylene multifilament mesh
  • Applications: fooda and oil, galvanizing, chemical and detergent industries

Note: Please contact Filson for specifications of unlisted PP filter bag types(MOQ-50PCs)

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Filson Polypropylene Filter Bags

Your Factory Direct Polypropylene Filter Bags

Filson polypropylene filter bags show better resistance of whether strong acids or alkalies than polyester(PE), fiberglass, and nylon. Furthermore, please do not use Filson polypropylene filter bags for temperature environments above 90 °C for longer service time and best performance remaining.

Filson supplies polypropylene filter bags with a wide variety of top and bottom configurations, sizes, abrasion cuffs, and expansion rings. Moreover, Filson can glaze and sign finishes to eliminate fiber migration, help you in maintaining non-polluting filtration conditions.

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