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Filson Pool Filter Cartridge A or C

  • Adaptable with most pool filter required type A or C
  • Lower price for saving overall costs than the original filter
  • Simple to deep clean with pool filter cartridge cleaner
  • High tensile strength for less damage in using and cleaning
  • Outstanding resistance to acids, alkalies, and high temp

Filson pool filter cartridges A or C possess can be designed as the same size as filter cartridge A or C in the market, so they can perfectly replace your old paper cartridges. Moreover, you can use Filson pool filter cartridge A or C for a long time since their lifespan achieves 5 years.

  • OD: 108±1mm
  • Length/Height: 203mm
  • ID: Type A – 45.8mm
  • Filtration area: 5 ft2
  • Filtration accuracy: ≥5 µm
  • Construction materials: polyethylene terephthalate(PET), polyurethane(PU), polypropylene(PP)
  • MOQ: 50 PCs

Note: OEM service is available in connection styles, filter media, shapes.

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Filson Pool Filter Cartridge A or C

Your Cost-effective Pool Filter Cartridge A or C Solution

Compare to paper filter cartridge, Filson pool filter cartridge A or C achieves a better tensile strength and good acids and alkalies resistance by the eminent polypropylene(PP) material. Consequently, they are less likely to be damaged after cleaning.

In addition, Filson pool filter cartridge A has a diameter of 4.13”, length of 8”, with a 1.57” inner diameter. However, the pool filter cartridge C has the same diameter and length dimensions as type A, the center borehole might be 1/4″ smaller.

Want pool filter cartridges with better quality and reasonable price? Contact Filson now to deliver it to you soon!

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