• Filson porous bronze sheet sintered bronze porous filter
  • Filson porous bronze sheet sintered bronze filter
  • Filson porous bronze sheet high efficiency bronze filter

Porous Bronze Sheet

  • Lower pressure drop compared to sintered wire mesh
  • Resistance to most corrosive fluidswith good durability
  • Available in high temperature condition up to 200
  • Cleanable and reusable to avoid frequent replacing
  • Stable construction by a vacuum sintering process

Filson porous bronze sheet is moulded by bronze powder through a sintering process. It is widely used for flame arrestors, flow restrictors, setters, limiters, high purity filters, chromatography parts, spargers, diffusers and more.

  • Shape: square sheet
  • Length: 5-500mm
  • Thickness: minimum5mm
  • Filtration accuracy: 2-120 μm
  • Particle removal rate:up to 99.9%
  • Operating temperature: -250℃to 200℃(oxidizing atmosphere); -250℃ to 450℃(reducing/inert atmosphere)

 Note: custom length/width/thickness/filtration accuracy are all available

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Filson Porous Bronze Sheet

Your Top Quality Porous Bronze Sheet Manufacturer in China

Compared with sintered SS mesh sheet, Filson porous bronze sheet provides higher particle removal rate of 99.9%. Plus, standard Filson porous bronze sheet has the filtration accuracy of 2-120 micron, or can be adjusted by changing pore size.

However, the thickness of Filson porous bronze sheet ought to be at least 0.5mm to ensure a stable structure. Meanwhile, the structure simplicity allows you to easily weld it by resistance tin soldering or arch soldering, with high permeability.

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