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Porous Stainless Steel Disc

  • Widely used including water purification&hydrogen purification
  • Durable performance and good back flush flow rate
  • High heat resistance up to 600℃
  • Ability to withstand high pressure up to 3000psi
  • 9% particle removing efficiency

Compared to sintered wire mesh discs, Filson porous stainless steel discs exhibit extremely high particulate reduction efficiency up to 99.9%. Besides, it also has a considerably higher differential pressure capacity of 3000psi.

  • Raw material: SS 304/SS 316L as standard
  • Shape: round, or other shapes on request
  • Particle removal efficiency: 99.9%
  • Density range: 35%-75%
  • Filtration accuracy: 0.2µm to 200µm
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Your Time-tested Porous Stainless Steel Disc Supplier In China

Filson supplies porous stainless steel discs with CE qualified are mainly used to eliminate impurities in the liquid, but also used to suppress the sound of pressurized gases or gasification of liquids, etc.

Filson has sufficient stock of porous stainless steel discs to satisfy your urgent or quantity order, so just inquire us! Of course, customized service is always available as well, please kindly mention to our engineers your demands for diameter, material, pore size, etc.

Just inform us of the type of porous discs you are looking for to get your free quote!

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