• PVC Basket Strainer
  • PVC Basket Strainer
  • PVC Basket Strainer

Filson PVC Basket Strainer

  • Steady and compact structure
  • Large filtration capability
  • Low-pressure drop
  • Wide range of applications
  • Cost-effective with quality guaranteed
  • Simple installation and easy cleaning

Filson PVC basket strainer is an economic choice for a filtration system to remove debris and impurities and prevent downstream equipment like valves and pumps from being damaging. Its special material makes PVC basket strainers extremely useful for withstanding many harsh chemicals

  • Basic Material: PVC
  • Connection Size: 1’’ to 24’’
  • Operating Temperature: -30℃ to 120℃
  • Flow Capacity: up to 15000L,/min
  • Filtration Ratings: 1μm to 10000μm
  • Pressure Capacity: up to 100 bar
  • Available Medium: oil, stream, water, gas
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Filson PVC Basket Strainer

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Filson PVC basket strainers have two connections, one for mediums in and one for purified fluid out, with a insert basket to complete the filtration process. As fluid passes through the basket strainer, debris is blocked in the basket, and you can get cleaned fluid you want. When cleaning is needed, the basket can be easily removed and washed.

Though Filson PVC basket strainer doesn’t have enough temperature resistance like stainless steel or carbon steel basket strainer, it is lightweight that doesn’t need the support of equipment and extensive pipe. Commonly, it is applied in the chemical and petrochemical industries and other weakly corrosive situations.

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