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Filson PVC Demister Pad

  • Superb mechanical strength for various heavy duty applications
  • Good flame resistance better than PP&PE demister pads
  • Wide range of chemicals resistance for corrosive environments
  • High density up to 1.43g/cm3 for high filtration efficiency
  • Easy to install and operate with flexible size and shape designs

Filson PVC demister pads perform very well in the distillation, absorption, evaporation, etc. processes of chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, machinery, auto industries. Standard shape can be designed to round, ring, rectangular, or vane type, wave type depending on your specific needs.

  • Mesh material: polyvinylchloride(PVC)
  • Pad Diameter: 300-6000 mm
  • Wire Diameter: 0.2-0.35 mm
  • Thickness: 100-150 mm
  • Operating Temp: -15℃ to 55℃
  • Density: 1.38-1.43 g/cm3
  • Shape: round, ring-shaped, rectangular, and other special shapes

Note: customized specifications are allowed, please consult Filson.

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Filson PVC Demister Pad

Your Premier PVC Demister Pad Manufacturer in China

Filson PVC demister pad is constructed of quality PVC material with high mechanical strength, commonly used for heavy duty applications. Plus, chemical stability is another advantage of Filson PVC demister pad to especially fit high concentration acid conditions.

There are several warm tips:

1.Filson PVC demister pad is typically suitable for the temperature below 55℃, if your operating temperature is higher, please choose Filson PP/PE/PTFE or other metallic demister pads.

2.Filson PVC demister pad is toxic since the raw materials containing chlorine, so that it is not recommended to used for food-related industries. Here Filson PE demister pad is your optimum alternative.

3.Filson PVC demister pad reacts chemically with organic solvents, affecting normal liquid-gas separation. Please check there is no organic solvents like ether, ketones, chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons in your operating environment before putting into service.

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