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Filson Replacement Mist Eliminator

  • Reliable separation efficiency with various configuration designs
  • Superior corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength
  • Easy to install and remove with minimal downtime
  • Durable and certificated materials for long service life
  • Exactly equal parameters calculation with optimal system suitability

With decades of design & manufacturing experience, Filson can supply the most satisfied replacement mist eliminator to meet your existing system. Further, you can confirm every detail of our drawing by email before putting it into production, and we provide assistance during the whole pried of use.

  • Raw Material: stainless steel, Monel, Hastelloy, Nickel, PE, PP, PVC, PTFE, FRP(or GRP)
  • Configuration: vertical, horizontal
  • Entrainment Size: 0.1-50 micron
  • Thickness: 100-500 mm
  • Separation Efficiency: 95-99.9%
  • Shape: round, ring, rectangular, or other special shapes
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Filson Replacement Mist Eliminator

Your High-Quality Replacement Mist Eliminator with Economical Price

Filson replacement mist eliminator aims to provide the best system suitability and equal parameters as your existing brand. It excels at creating mist-free gases and recycling the loss of valuable chemicals, widely used in various packed columns, wet scrubbers, cooling towers, ventilation systems, evaporators, and more applications.

A well-engineered replacement mist eliminator from Filson will be highly effective resulting in low-pressure drop and long service life. The projects we have completed include the replacement of Munter’s mist eliminator, Emacs mist eliminator, Koch mist eliminator, Kimura mist eliminator, etc., and all was well received.

Click here for more details. Trust Filson, and we are your best replacement mist eliminator supplier in China!



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