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Filson Replacement Self Cleaning Filter

  • Reliable self-clean capacity without frequent element replacement
  • Uninterrupted normal filtration during the whole self-cleaning process
  • High temperature & corrosion resistance with high-grade material
  • Special filter unit structure design with long service life
  • Flexible installation options for various spaces and requirements

With over 18 years experience of self-cleaning filter design&manufacture, Filson has a series of specific parameters of various popular brands, for replacement self-cleaning filter production. If you are searching for the replacement of Amiad self-cleaning filter, Russell Finex self-cleaning filter, Tekleen filters, Eaton self-cleaning filters, etc., choose Filson.

  • Raw material: CS, SS 304/316 L/904L, 2205, nickel alloy …
  • Flow rate: up to 7200m3/h
  • Micron rating: 200-3500 μm
  • Operating pressure: Min. 0.2Mpa
  • Control method: differential pressure control, PLC timing control
  • Connection type: flange

Note: Independent customized service is your privilege if you need.

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Filson Replacement Self Cleaning Filter

Quality Assured Replacement Self Cleaning Filters of Various Brands

Filson replacement self-cleaning filters are commonly made of stainless steel AISI 304/316 to provide high corrosion and abrasion resistance. Whereby they can adopt various liquid filtration while maintaining good performance after multiple regular self-cleaning processes.

No matter for your urgent order or a large quantity order, Filson can satisfy you with our professional production line and sufficient stock. Of course, tolerance of Filson replacement self-cleaning filter will be strictly controlled to keep totally with your original brand data.

Want a replacement self-cleaning filter with quality assurance? Need a competitive price to save total cost? Contact us now!

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