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Filson Self Cleaning Oil Filter

  • Regular self-cleaning to reduce downtime
  • No manual maintenance with low labor costs
  • Superior filtration effect with a wide range of accuracy
  • Standard flange connection for easy installation
  • Minimal liquid loss during the cleaning process

Filson self-cleaning oil filters are commonly used for the filtration of various oil types including crude oil, fuel oil, lubricant, coolant, etc. to remove contaminant particles. The standard filtration accuracy of the Filson self-cleaning oil filter is 25-500 micron with operating pressure up to 25 bar, certainly, your unique specification customization is allowed upon your need.

  • Raw material: 304/316L stainless steel
  • Filtration accuracy: 25-500 micron
  • Operating temperature: 0-250℃
  • Flow rate: 18m3/h as usual
  • Pressure rating: up to 25 bar (2.5Mpa)
  • Self-cleaning time: 12-18 sec
  • Connection type: flange

Note: Standard specifications are listed above. Consult Filson for customized service.

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Filson Self Cleaning Oil Filter

Your Preeminent Self Cleaning Oil Filter Manufacturer in China

Filson self-cleaning oil filter is an ideal choice for applications that require continuous oil filtration. It benefits marine, mining, power generation, rail, military, construction, and oil and gas industries, offering oils with your required purity.

Automatic self-cleaning ability is a key feature of Filson self-cleaning oil filters, which ensure an uninterrupted filtration process. With this crucial advantage, the Filson self-cleaning filter requires no manual maintenance, saving the total costs incidentally.

More about Filson self-cleaning oil filter? Please call +86 157 3695 8886 or email sales@filsdonfilter.com!

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