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Filson Self Cleaning Water Filters

  • High filtration accuracy to suit most filtration need
  • Superior self-clean ability to benefit long time using
  • Automating washing cycle to reduce maintenance
  • Expert customized service for easier operation
  • Easy to install by compact & flexible design
  • High filtration precision can reach 10 micron

Each Filson self-cleaning water filter is generally fabricated by SS 304/316L material for high abrasion resistance. Besides, it has a prominent anti-corrosion ability to perform very well in saltwater systems or other acid-base water filtration applications.

  • Raw material: SS 304, SS 316L, carbon steel, nickel alloys
  • Flow rate: 15m3/h – 4000m3/h
  • Micron rating: down to 10μm
  • Working pressure: up to 1.6Mpa
  • Operating temperature: up to 95℃
  • Self-cleaning time: 12-18 seconds

Note: If you need a customized design service, consult Filson.

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Filson Self Cleaning Water Filter

Your Reliable Self Cleaning Water Filter Manufacturer in China

With a wide range of flow rates from 15m3/h to 4000m3/h, Filson’s self-cleaning water filter plays a significant role in most industrial, municipal, and irrigation applications. In addition, it provides an outstanding particle removing capacity with the filtration rating down to 10 microns.


Not only great filtration performance, Filson self-cleaning filter can also help you save your cost by its unique self-clean ability. It will take 12-18 seconds for the self-cleaning process without filtering interruption while avoiding frequent replacement of filter element.

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