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Filson Self Cleaning Y Strainer

  • Excellent self-cleaning ability to save downtime
  • Wide range of pressure and temperature adaptability
  • Superior dirt holding capacity to provide a long service life
  • High-grade raw material with a high filtration accuracy
  • Unique Y-shape design to suit pipeline applications

Filson self-cleaning Y strainer is mainly made of 304/316L grade stainless steel material with a filtration rating of 25-1000 micron. In addition, it is adopted integral forming technology of filter housing to avoid dripping caused by the welding process.

  • Raw material: SS 304, SS 316L, duplex SS, super duplex SS…
  • Filtration rating: 25-1000 micron
  • Filter element type: wedge wire screen, wire mesh screen, perforated plate
  • Design pressure: 3-25 bar (0.3-2.5Mpa)
  • Cleaning differential pressure: 0.05Mpa
  • Operating temperature: 10-80℃
  • Flow rate: 19-710m3/h
  • Self-cleaning time: 12-18 seconds

Note: material/filtration rating/element type/design pressure/operating temperature/flow rate all can be customized

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Filson Self Cleaning Y Strainer

Your Proven Self Cleaning Y Strainer Supplier in China

Filson self-cleaning Y strainer is a cost-effective solution for various applications: chemical processing, petroleum, power generation, and marine…, especially for steam applications. Besides, it provides a superior filtration effect on sticky substances, gum particles in water.


The self-cleaning process of Filson self-cleaning Y strainer can be designed for differential pressure control or PLC timing control. When the differential pressure reaches the preset value or reaches set time, Filson self-cleaning Y strainer will start to clean itself.

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