• Sintered Bronze Filter Discs
  • Sintered Bronze Filter Discs
  • Sintered Bronze Filter Discs

Sintered Bronze Filter Discs

  • No particle drop of the filter
  • Precise control of fluid output flow
  • Weldable and adaptable for installation
  • Uniform pressure distribution
  • Easy to clean and reusable for long service life

Filson will supply sintered bronze filter disc for various industries. Just tell us your specific application and filtration accuracy requirements, we can selecting the corresponding bronze particle size to adjust the pore size for you.

    • Raw material: bronze particles, bronze wire mesh
    • Shape: round as standard
    • Filtration accuracy: 0.2µmto 200µm
    • Diameter: 2.7mm to 280 mm
    • Particle removal efficiency: 99.9%
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Your Experienced Sintered Bronze Filter Disc Manufacturer Partner In China

Filson sintered bronze filter disc is commonly made of bronze spherical particles or bronze wire meshes as medium, molded under the temperature of 700℃-1300℃. Through the sintering processes, Filson sintered bronze filter disc will own high porosity and excellent filtration accuracy reach 0.2 micron.

In addition, high porosity of Filson sintered bronze filter disc will reduce the pressure of the fluid passing through it. Thus it always used to suppress the sound of pressurized gases (for silencers) or protecting hydraulic equipment or electronic devices.

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