• Filson sintered bronze filter element porous bronze filter element
  • Filson sintered bronze filter element high porosity filter
  • Filson sintered bronze filter element high efficiency porous bronze element

Filson Sintered Bronze Filter Element

  • Smallvolume for less installation space
  • Long cleaning intervalsfor infrequent replacing
  • High particle removal efficiencyup to 99.98%
  • Customization support to better suit your application
  • Great permeability with excellent filtration performance

Filson sintered bronze filter elements always used as common material in filtration of solid particles from gases, separation of liquids from gases, dampening, throttling, etc. They are generally provided in several shapes: cylinder, cylinder with bottom, disc and cone.

  • Porosity: 35% – 50%
  • Tensile strength: 9.8 to 83.4MPa
  • Sintering density: 4.5- 5 g/m3
  • Filtration rating: 2- 120μm
  • Particle removal efficiency: 99.98%at 5 microns
  • Shape: disc, cylinder, cylinder with bottom, cone, etc.

Note: sizes are fully customizable; other materials are on your require  for higher temperature resistance or strength

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Filson Sintered Bronze Filter Element

18 Years Experienced Sintered Bronze Filter Element Manufacturer

Filson sintered bronze filter element can be obtained high porosity ranging from 35% to 50% by the sintering process, while achieving superior permeability. Additionally, it has a much higher filtration efficiency up to 99.98% than the sintered wire mesh.

Filson sintered bronze filter elements can perform very well at the temperature up to 200℃ in oxidizing atmosphere and 450℃ in reducing/inert atmosphere. Plus, excellent corrosion resistance is another advantage to suitable for harsh operating conditions.

If you would like to customize your specific filter elements, please give us your drawing or dimensions. Our team will reply in 12 hrs!

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