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Filson Sintered Bronze Fuel Filter

  • Mainly applied to fuel systemsor use as pre-filter
  • Easy to remove for easy cleaning and replacing
  • Largetotal filtration area with great dirt holding capacity
  • Matching brackets with hard coat for bettersetup suiting
  • Superiorparticle retention rate for great dust removal effect

Standard Filson sintered bronze fuel filter provides a 30 micron filtration rating, but even smaller particles can be retained since its depth filtration capability. Meanwhile, it can still maintain relatively high filtration efficiency after a period of using by easily cleaning.

  • Body material: sintered bronze
  • Sintering option: pressureless sintering
  • Porosity: 35% – 50%
  • Micron rating: 10, 30, 35, 40, 75, 100μm …
  • Operating pressure: 100psi
  • Cleaning method: back-washing, solvents cleaning

Note: other sizes/ porosity/ brackets are all available to customize if you required

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Filson Sintered Bronze Fuel Filter

Your Best Supplier of High Efficiency Sintered Bronze Fuel Filter 

Filson sintered bronze fuel filter is composed of a sintered bronze body with a thread fitting, or a robust housing can be provided on your needs. It provides high chemical compatibility and superior corrosion resistance for perfectly filtering hydrocarbon fuels and various oils.

Through a sintering process, Filson sintered bronze fuel filter will obtain a precise shape with a rigid construction. Therefore, it achieves prominent filtration performance even in the conditions with significant vibration and impact stress.

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