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Filson Sintered Copper Powder

  • Widely usedto product sintered copper filters
  • Controlledcopper particle size for various accuracy
  • Ideal forporous filter with high air permeability
  • Greatelectrical and thermal conductivity since high purity
  • Stable construction with high mechanical strength

Filson sintered copper powder is a kind of high purity Cu material with excellent thermal conductivity. By sintering process, it can easily achieve a very homogeneous structure to produce high strength & tenacity sintered copper filters.

  • Shape: subglobose
  • Nominal chemical composition: Cu
  • Purity of copper: 99.9%
  • Sintering temperature: up to 850℃
  • Sintering atmosphere: formic acid, hydrogen, water vapor
  • Spherical copper powder size (mesh): 30×30, 100×100, 200×200 …
  • Applications: powder metallurgy, friction materials, oil bearing

Note: other metal powder can be added during the sintering process on your requirements

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Filson Sintered Copper Powder

Your Industrial Leader in Sintered Copper Powder Manufacturing 

Filson sintered copper powder is commonly used in powder metallurgy, requiring different compacting pressures in the machining process. You are recommended to maintain the initial compacting pressure between 34-40psi, to ensure electrical conductivity and strength of filters.

In addition to sintered copper powder, Filson can also manufacture finished products including sintered bronze disc, sintered bronze fuel filter, sintered bronze muffler, etc. Consequently, we can help you both in material selection and filter element production.

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