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Filson Sintered Mesh Filter:

  • Mechanically strong structure for high-pressure resistance
  • All stainless steel structure for high heat& corrosion resistance
  • Uniform pore size to maintain superior air permeability
  • Ability to maintain good particle removal efficiency after reusing
  • Large filtration area for large dirt holding capacity

You can choose Filson sintered mesh filter for some demanding environments, like temperatures from -200 to 600℃ or corrosive conditions. Especially, Filson sintered mesh filter made of SS 904L or duplex stainless steel material can provide better temperature and corrosion resistance.

  • Raw material: SS304/316L, or Inconel, Monel, SS 904L are available on request
  • Standard diameter: 66mm
  • Lengths: 125mm, 250mm, 498mm, 745mm, 1012mm
  • Effective filtration area: 0.13m² per 250mm length
  • Operating temperature: -200 to 600℃
  • Filtration accuracy: 0.2μm–300μm

Note: Custom materials, diameters, and lengths are available at your request.

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Filson Sintered Mesh Filter

Your Specialist Sintered Mesh Filter Manufacturer In China

Filson sintered mesh filter is commonly fabricated from double or multiple layers of sintered stainless steel meshes. It mainly consists of cylindrical, pleated type and disc.

Traditional disposable filters have to be replaced frequently, especially for high polluted applications. While Filson sintered mesh filter is cleanable and reusable for around 3-5times without losing filtration area.

Filson has specialized in a wide range of sintered mesh filters for over 18 years. To fulfill your requirements, our engineer team is always here for providing the most feasible filtration solutions!

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