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Filson Sintered Metal Fiber Felt

  • High dirt holding capacity: highly suitable for depth particle capture on depth filters
  • High porosity: up to 85%, ensure to support more than 20 times flow rates
  • Lower pressure drop: due to high porosity and will save energy costs
  • Clean easily: available for chemical cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, backflush, back pulse

Specifications of Filson Sintered Metal Fiber Felt:

Filson sintered metal fiber felt is an ideal filter material choice for a wide range of applications, such as polymer filtration and polyester melt purification, electronic high temperature gas dust removal, hydraulic system filtration, airbags of cars and fuel filtration of aircraft and ships.

  • Raw materials: Stainless Steel, Nickel, Hastelloy, Monel, Inconel, Hartz, Double-phase Alloy, etc
  • Filtration rating: 0.1-100 micron
  • Standarddimension(mm):500×1000,600×1000,600×1200,1000×1000,1000×1200,1000×1480,1180×1450, 1180×1500, 1220×1220
  • Standard thickness(mm): 0.30-1.20
  • Standard shapes: tube, cartridge, disc
  • High temperature resistance: working temperature can reach 1000℃
  • High-grade mechanical strength: generate strong fibre bonding through sintering process
  • Long service life: by a factor of 2-3 times compered with traditional media like wire meshes

Note: maximum dimension of 1500mm×1800mm can be customized on request

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Filson Sintered Metal Fiber Felt

Your Professional Sintered Metal Fiber Felt Partner In China

Filson Sintered Metal Fiber Felt is a non-woven media created from randomly laying short metal fibers through sintering and boding. It offers exceptional dirt holding capacity and flow characteristics meanwhile with superior viscosity fluid filtration performance.

Many materials can be selected to manufactured Filson sintered metal fiber felt, such as Stainless steel, Nickel, Hastalloy, Inconel. And the most commonly used material is SS316L. Additionally, other specifications of Filson sintered metal fiber felt are available in customization, including fiber diameters, web structures and layer configurations.

Filson sintered metal fiber felt can be bonded together, or can be sintered with a wire mesh as a support if you want to improve its strength and flexibility. Since consists of highly fine metal fiber felts, Filson sintered metal fiber felt keeps a three-dimensional reticulated porous structure. Therefore, it provides a combination of depth and tortuosity to achieve high filtration efficiency of 98% even below 0.1 micron, with high porosity up to 85% and a uniform pore size distribution.

Compare to the sintered metal wire meshes, sintered metal fiber felts from Filson overcome the disadvantages which easy to block and be damaged. Plus, Filson sintered metal fiber felts have high strength and temperature resistance with up to 1000℃, so that will solve the problems like not resistant to high temperature and pressure of the filter papers.

With larger dirt holding capacity and simple cleaning methods like chemical cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning, Filson sintered metal fiber felt obtains a longer service life to remove particles persistently. The open structure of Filson sintered metal fiber felt results in its high strength resistance ability, making it possible to back flush or back pulse without interrupting the manufacturing process. Thus, our sintered metal fiber felt can help you get the minimum downtime to guarantee your project finished successfully on time.

Filson Sintered Metal Fiber

Filson sintered metal fiber is akind of highly porous material with excellent filtration property, particularly in high temperature and corrosion working conditions. Therefore, it is one of the most appropriate choice for manufacturing filter medium.

Filson Sintered Metal Fiber Felt Filter

Filson has the ability to fabricate a series of sintered metal fiber felt filters with standard diameter of 66mm and length of 5”-40”(125mm-1012mm), or on request. Filson sintered metal fiber felt filter is easy to clean and reusable to give you more cost effective filtration.

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