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Properties of Filson Sintered Metal Tube

  • High rigidity: most types of metals through sintering offer a strong structure
  • Anti-corrosion: especially in acid or alkali solutions
  • Large dirt holding capacity: can be used with a longer lifetime
  • High filtration precision: high particles removal efficiency of 0.1-200 micron
  • High-temperature resistance: maximum 550℃ at the operating environment
  • Easy to clean: with several cleaning methods, especially suit for backwashing
  • Customization: Details/options like length, diameter, thickness, materials can be altered

Filson Sintered Metal Tube

Filson provides precise sintered metal tube by our advanced vacuum sintering equipment and professional production workers. Please click for details of Filson sintered metal tube.

  • Raw material: SS304, SS316L, Inconel 600, Monel 400, bronze or on request
  • Nominal filtration accuracy: 1-200 micron (bronze:2-120µm, porous:0.1-200µm)
  • Length: can reach 1200mm (porous: 25.4mm-610mm, bronze: 10-500mm)
  • Operating temperature range: -250℃ to 550℃
  • Working pressure: withstand 3000psi
  • Standard thickness: 0.25-3 mm
  • Standrad ID: 3.17mm-19.05mm
  • Standard OD: 6.35mm-25.4mm


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Filson Sintered Metal Tube

Your Reliable Sintered Metal Tube Choice in China

Filson Sintered Metal Tube is a type of filter elements that consist of multi-layer wire meshes or metal powder through a sintering process. Filson mainly manufactures sintered stainless steel tube, sintered bronze tube, sintered metal filter cartridge, sintered screen basket, sintered filtered disc, etc.

With high porosity, superior gas permeability and low differential pressure, Filson sintered tubes are available for various application fields, such as liquid&gas filtration of petroleum, polyester filtration, chemical fibre filtration and water purification.

There is a particle chipping problem of the edge that may exhibit directly when the filtration accuracy at 70µm or even finer. Thankfully, Filson sintered metal tube enables us to avoid this phenomenon, by our advanced vacuum sintering equipment and professional production workers.

Furthermore, every Filson sintered metal tube is tested strictly with bubble point test according to ISO 4003 and air permeability test according to ISO 4022, to ensure high quality producing and satisfy each customer.

Filson Sintered Stainless Steel Tube

Filson Sintered Stainless Steel Metal Tube is made of several multi-layer stainless steel wire meshes or sintered by stainless steel powder. It performs high corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, and is a cost-effective option compared with a nickel sintered tube.

Filson Sintered Porous Metal Tube

Filson Sintered Porous Metal Tube can withstand high operating pressure of 3000psi, with high mechanical strength and rigidity. It has a more uniform pore distribution and higher permeability, so that can provide a smoother and faster flow for your special filtration.

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