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Sintered Nickel Filter

  • Puresintered nickel construction for excellent corrosion resistance
  • Efficient filtration in aggressive process
  • Vibration resistance and ease of cleaning
  • Superior thermal resistance up to 800-1200℃
  • Able to filtering highly concentrated acidic liquids
  • Good regeneration ability and ease of cleaning

Filson sintered nickel filter is an ideal choice in the water supply system of power plants and steam generation pipe filtration, seawater desalination equipment, etc.

  • Raw material: nickel as standard or nickel alloy, Inconel, Monel, etc.
  • Maximum operating temperatures: 1200℃
  • Filtration accuracy:1-200μm
  • Endcap: 222/226/ DOE/ SOE
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Your Trustworthy Sintered Nickel Filter Supplier In China

Filson sintered nickel filters consist of high purity nickel screens up to 99.8%. A significant advantage of it is the remarkable resistance of chemical breakdowns, such as acetic, sulfuric, and great stability when working in high concentrations of nitrogen, molten sodium, and hydrogen, etc.

Moreover, nickel offers Filson sintered nickel filter with high heat resistance up to 1200℃, far exceeding the maximum temperature resistance of stainless steel sintered filters(600℃). So it will be one of the preferred choices for filtration in high-temperature conditions.

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