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Sintered PTFE

  • Higher heat and chemical resistance than other sintered plastic types
  • Available in various sizes and shapes for different applications
  • High flow rate and excellent impurity retention capacity
  • Uniform pore distribution with customizable micron ratings
  • Smooth inner and outer surface without any particle shedding

Filson sintered PTFE (Teflon/F4) is the best choice among all sintered plastic materials for your high corrosion environment. Each Filson sintered PTFE filter can easily handle various acids (nonoxidizing), oil, aromatic solvents, alienated solvent, and oxidizing agents.

  • Raw Material: PTFE (Teflon/F4)
  • Operating Temperature: -240 to 260℃
  • Micron Rating: 0.3-150 μm
  • Length/Height: up to 2000 mm
  • Porosity: 30-70 %
  • Connection Type: M20 /M22 /M30 /M36 /M42
  • Shapes: roll, tube, rod, sheet, disk or irregular shapes

Note: please confirm each specification exactly match your requirements before production

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Filson Sintered PTFE

Your Reliable Sintered PTFE Supplier in China

Filson sintered PTFE is durable and cleanable can be cleaned easily by several recommended cleaning methods. Back blowing by compressed air or backwashing by water is available. And after long-term use, you are recommended to clean it by soaking in a solution that can chemically react with contaminants, to regain the initial filtration effect.


Compared to Expand PTFE (EPTFE), Filson sintered PTFE performs higher strength and better wear resistance, resulting in significantly lower replacement and overall costs. Furthermore, Filson sintered PTFE is very suitable for high-temperature sterilization processes and is preferred by life science, medical devices, and other sectors.

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