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Sintered Stainless Steel Plate

  • Superior filtration efficiency
  • High mechanical strength and anti-pressure
  • Great permeability and high porosity
  • Anti-corrosion in acid and alkali
  • Uniform pore distribution
  • High &low temperature resistance
  • Cleanable and reusable
  • Long on-stream service life

Specifications of Filson Sintered Stainless Steel Plate

Please check out our standard sintered stainless steel plate details. Besides, Filson sintered stainless steel plate can also be customized with different specifications to meet your special filtration requirements.

  • Material: SS304L, SS316L, SS904L, 301S powder or wire mesh
  • Working temperature: -200℃ to 1000℃
  • Length: up to 40” or on request
  • Filtration surface: 650-1800 cm2
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Filson Sintered Stainless Steel Plate

One of Best Sintered Stainless Steel Plate Manufacturer in China

Filson sintered stainless steel plate is produced by a high-temperature vacuum sintering furnace with common SS304 or SS316L powder or wire mesh materials. Through adjusting process parameters and powder particle size, it will have a high void ratio, and uniform pore distribution.

As a “corrosion-resistant steel”, Filson sintered stainless steel plate can be used for In-Depth & High-Duty filtration. Plus, Filson sintered stainless steel plates offer a superior filtration performance even under a high-temperature environment.

If you contemplate to large scale production for sintered stainless steel plate, Filson is a perfect partner as its competitive cost and quick delivery.

Filson sintered stainless steel plate has a porous surface to provide high porosity and prominent permeability. With a filtration rating of 3-300μm, Filson sintered stainless steel plate perform diverse and effective filtration processes.

Filson sintered stainless steel plate is usually used as a fluidization bed with its great air permeability. Fluidized bed can offer mass transfer, heat transfer and chemical reaction in chemical process, therefore it is widely applied to control gas distribution in various industries.

Filson is devoted to boost your filtration business with the perfect sintered stainless steel plate solution! Learn more project cases and product details, please contact us freely.

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