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Sintered Titanium Filter

  • Anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • High temperature resistance
  • Non-toxic and non-magnetic
  • Superior filtration efficiency

Specifications of Filson Sintered Titanium Filter

There are standard specifications of Filson sintered titanium filter, please looking for the size what you need as below. OEM service is always permitted at Filson, just consult our engineers now.

  • Thickness: minimum 0.6mm
  • Length: up to 1000mm without welding
  • Filtration rating: 0.1-100μm
  • Porosity: 28%-50%
  • Aperture size: 2.5-160μm
  • Temperature: withstand 300℃
  • Operating differential pressure: maximum 600kpa
  • End caps: DOE, 215, 222, 226, M20, M30, M42 …
  • Certification: SGS, ISO 9001
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Filson Sintered Titanium Filter

Your Specialist Sintered Titanium Filter Supplier in China

Filson sintered titanium filter, also called porous titanium filter, is a kind of new filter material with a broad development prospect. It is made of pure or alloy titanium powder and produced through a series of processes: raw titanium powder preparation, cold/hot isostatic pressing, high-temperature vacuum sintering and molding.

Filson sintered titanium filter has stable pore structure and high porosity up to 50%, especially suits for deep filtration. Its internal pores can be designed as foam type or honeycomb type.

Since the complex production process, porous metal titanium filter is more expensive than traditional stainless steel filter nearly 10 times. However, this higher initial cost is considered reasonable as its prominent biocompatibility. Therefore, Filson sintered titanium filter is very popular in a deal of bio-engineering fields.

Moreover, Filson sintered titanium filter is extremely suitable in food&beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Without particles shedding and secondary pollution, our porous titanium filter cartridge is totally complying with food hygiene and pharmaceutical GMP requirements.

Filson supply numerous sintered titanium filters, like titanium water filter cartridge, porous titanium filter sheet, sintered titanium microporous filter plate and sintered titanium tubes. Certainly, any shape, according to your special filtration application, can be customized, please contact FILSON!

  • High porosity and minimal filtration resistance
  • Uniform pore structure and rugged surface
  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Large dirt holding capacity
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