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Filson Size 1 Filter Bags

  • Good filtration performance and reasonable price
  • Thick needle felt filter layer for good durability
  • None silicone pollution during the filtration process
  • Customable bottom shape for better adaptability
  • Ideal replacement for Size 1 filter bags on the market

Filson supplies size 1 filter bags in a variety of materials including polypropylene(PP), fiberglass, or nylon which brings excellent chemical resistance, solvents resistance, or flexibility. When you’re require the best chemical resistance under extremely high temp, stainless steel filter bag must be your optimal choice

  • Diameter: 7”/17.8cm
  • Length: 16.5”/40.65cm
  • Micron rating range: 1-100
  • Compatible with: FSI filter model FSP/FSPN-40, BFN-11.
  • Materials: PP, PE, cotton, PTFE, SS 304, fiberglass.

Note: we also offer replacements for other standard filter bags, consult Filson for more details

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Filson Size 1 Filter Bags

One of the Most Dependable Polypropylene Filter Bags Suppliers in China

Filson size 1 filter bag is a standard filter of 7” x 16.5”, making it a popular replacement for various brand filter housings. Moreover, Filson size 1 filter bags are able for both fluids filtering and gas purifying, helping you from water treatment to oil and gas processing.

Besides, even for some special connection designs, Filson can offer corresponding fittings for perfect adaption. Plus, you can select an inner cage for internal support, which maintains the filter bag a stable shape thus avoiding effect reduction from deformation.

Contact us now for FDA-grade size 1 filter bags!

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