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Filson Solid Carbon Block Filter

  • Good rigidity from one-piece compressed structure
  • High permeability benefits from extensive porosity
  • Large filtration area for great dirt holding capacity
  • Tightly seal configuration that eliminates bypass
  • Outstanding particle capture rate about 99.9%

Filson solid carbon block filters are commonly with DOE connections and can be manufactured with different end caps for your installation convenience. Moreover, there are always soft BUNA-N rubber gaskets on both ends to make sure filter cartridge a good sealing.

  • Nominal filtration precision: 5µm, 10µm
  • Maximum operating temperature: 60℃
  • Filter media:granular activated carbon
  • Endcap materials: plastisol, polypropylene(PP)
  • Netting material: polypropylene(PP)

Note: block carbon filter is available for fine precise

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Filson Solid Carbon Block Filter

Your Dependable Solid Carbon Block Filter Guider in China

Filson solid carbon block filter, also called solid carbon block water filter, is tightly compressed into the block from powder activated carbon (PAC) or granular activated carbon(GAC) particles in varying sizes and is contributed to a larger dirt holding capacity since high-density pore distribution.

In a comparison of the granular GAC filter, Filson solid carbon block filter can keep water all passing through the filter and eliminate channeling. Therefore, it assures small pollutants are adsorbed by the carbon block, while larger impurities are trapped and left behind.

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