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Filson SPA Filter Cartridge

  • Ease of cleaning for low maintenance and cost
  • Washable and reusable for longer service time
  • Comprehensive sizes for different requirements
  • Applicable for most swimming pools on the market
  • Simple construction for easy installation and removal

You can easily select Filson SPA filter cartridge according to your existed filter model. If you can’t measure your filter housing size very precisely, a slightly bigger filter cartridge is much better than a smaller one to ensure water all passes through the sponge.

  • Example model: type VI
  • Diameter: 3.14″/8cm
  • Length: approx 4.09″/10.4cm
  • ID: 2.04″/5.2cm
  • Service life: 3-5 years
SPA filter cartridge sizes for your cross reference


Intex Type A/CIntex

Type B


Type D


Type I


Type II


Type VI


Type VII


Tip: other models are also available on demand, please contact Filson and consult.

Note: sizes and shapes are customizable according to your requirements

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Filson SPA Filter Cartridge

Your Leading SPA Filter Cartridge Manufacturer in China

Filson SPA filter cartridges, also called SPA pool filters cartridges or SPA water filter cartridges, are usually used as replacements for various popular brands of cartridges, to keep the water clean and ensure the filtration system working normally.

In addition, as one of the most commonly used Filson SPA filter cartridge models, type VI spa filters can fully adapt for Lay-Z spa or Salu-spa with the size of 8*5.2*10.4 cm(3.14″*2.04″*4.09″).

Filson always supplies Intex SPA filter cartridge replacement, Coleman SPA filter cartridge replacement… hence Filson SPA filter cartridge will be a favourable option for you with great quality and competitive price.

Mail to sales@filsonfilters.com now to get your cost-effective SPA filter cartridge solution!

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